Your feedback is important to us!

We are virtually a 100% volunteer run organization, and your feedback helps us allocate very slender resources

to help us grow!

Also, positive comments help us know what NOT to change! 


The ISE offers several ways to interact with us to provide feedback. You can always send us an email at  Just keep in mind that as an all volunteer organization with very very limited staffing, we may not be able to answer every email we recieve.  However, we always find your comments helpful - and if you have a particularly great comment, let us know if we may post it on our website!  We LOVE to share all the accolades we get!

A better method to provide us with specific growth feedback is to use our link to Survey Monkey, when it is availble. Link appears HERE when available:    

When our Survey Monkey link is inactive, copy and paste the form below into an email and send to:

or print this page, and mail hardcopy evaluation or comments to:

The Iowa Shakespeare Experience, 669 20th Street, Des Moines, Iowa 50314



Short Demographic 

and Likert Scale Form 


Shakesperience ™ Festival 

Feedback Form

Your opinion is VERY important to the Festival!
Please tell us what you think using this convenient form.  

Add as many comments as you want- your comments are really important to us and help us improve – and positive comments help us know what NOT to change!  Thank you! 

(This form will be available online and for download soon.)