ISE Major Funders:


The ISE enjoys broad support from the community, a testament to our professionalism, our terrific outcomes, our amazing theatre – and our genuine ability to generate meaningful outcomes for Metro Des Moines! 


The following is a list of some of our many community grant funders and in-kind supporters.  We update this list periodically so watch for additions regularly. 


Unending thanks go to our grant funders:

  •  The Iowa Arts Council
  •  Bravo Greater Des Moines
  •  The Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines


Special thanks to the City of Des Moines, City leaders- and especially all the terrific City of Des Moines staffers…a wonderful group of people serving a wonderful community


Patronize our community and in-kind supporters – we simply could not do it without them:

Major in-kind supporters:

  •  McLellan Marketing Group (where passion and strategy collide!)
  •  Cityview
  • Metro Arts Alliance


Major Donors:

Without the generous leadership of these key civic philanthropists, the ISE would not exist:

We gratefully thank:

  • Mr. James Collier
  • Dr. Bruce Hughes


Special thanks also go to our founding Board Members who are participants in our annual Board Challenge for Significant Gifts (including, at the time of this updating:)

  • Ms. Joan Burke
  • Ms. Robin Heinemann
  • Mr. Al Greffinius
  • Ms. Liz Nelson
  • Ms. Bobbie Matthes
  • Mr. Lorenzo Sandoval
  • Mr. John Taylor
  • Mr. John Tone



Grateful thanks to special supporters David Hurd and Connie Wimer


Additional in kind supporters: a cast of thousands!

It takes a village to raise a Shakespeare theatre festival! Our complete list of in-kind supporters, community partnerships and donors is lengthy and many new supporters engage with us each year.  Each year, our Festival programs provide an up to the minute listing.  Also, in the works for future years is our portable Bard-o-meter:  A portable, tangible 3 dimensional display we can set up on site at the Festival to recognize our much appreciated supporters.