There's a wide range of video below which together provides a nice taste of the goodies which await on an ISE stage - hit a few of 'em (all are bite sized) and ehjoy!  And yes, there's always more great video on the way - Check back!


ON the Spot with Ryan Kolder: Iowa Shakespeare Experience presents A Midsummer Night's Dream:  Presented by one of the Metro's most hip and happenin' media personalities, this great little video provides a sample of ISE's hit show "A Midsummer Night's Dream Extravaganza" from the year when our Amphitheatre flooded - -and the City heroically moved us to the nearby bridge.  There, with the beautiful Capital dome in the background, ISE became the "Little Engine That Could', braving a small temporary stage and all sorts of unexpected twists and turns (burned out city circuits, anyone?) to enchant and delight audiences with the same memorable experience they've come to expect of ISE no matter where our stage is locatied!  The show was a Silver Screen era presentation of this beloved story.  The clip features Hollis Monroe, a Shakespearean actor and scholar renowned all across the state from his work in statewide classical radio, along with long-time ISE choreographer and lead ballerina Karina Barone, a sample of the legendary Tina Haase Findlay who was our Musical Director and Musical Guest Artist that year, and a brief interview on the history and goals of the festival with Producers Robin Heinemann and Lorenzo Sandoval, who also played the King in the show.  Actors are interviewed backstage about their experience, and Television Host Ryan Kolder shares his own enthusiastic enjoyment of one of ISE's favorite plays!

Iowa Shakespeare Experience to present 'Romeo and Juliet' at 2012 Festival

Media whiz wunderkind Todd Razor exercises his considerable editorial talents - -polished for years at some of the finest media outlets in the state (Business Record, etc.) - - to bring you a simply smashing preview promo that shows ISE actors in the throes of an intense - and intensely windy!- rehearsal about one month out from opening night.  Featured are Nick Toussaint, Janae Hohbein, Jeff Duisand Jason Rainwater along with an insightful interview with Director and Producer Lorenzo SandovalThank you Todd Razor, this was a most generous donation and you are such a truly talented community leader! 

Much Ado - Three-Minute Snippets

This truly wonderful 3 minute romp through ISE's 2006 production of Much Ado About Nothing time travels through a bit of ISE history back to our Salisbury House days.  ISE was the founding partner of the presence of a Shakespeare play at Salisbury House- - and produced there for fully half a decade before receiving the honor of being invited by community leaders to make the festival free and to make our move downtown to the glorious Riverwalk.  In this video, viewers sample a bit of ISE's hallmark dance, music, theatre and Bergamask from a production we custom-crafted for our colleagues at lovely Salisbury House: this was a production of the play deliberately set in the 1920s to pay homage to the fact that Salisbury was built in the 1920s era.  This unique interpretation of the play presented a taste of both "traditional" (Renaissance-style) Shakespeare as well as award-wining artistic trends - au currant trends which set Shakespeare in the wider world scene by exploring the insights into his stories which are reached by setting the plays in other time/place settings.  (See our extensive homepage notes on Shakespearean adaptation: myths and reality, on our Homepage.) Thus, the famous ballroom scene in this play is here set as a masked Renaissance Costume ball which the 1920s inhabitents of the house were hosting for arriving guests, who enter in a actual vintage car. At the end of the snippets, we catch a glimpse of ISE's bergamask, the often dance-filled musical ending that Shakespeare himself traditionally used for his finales. The video features yes, practically an entire symphony of crickets - -and a bunch of old friends including TT Tot, Carrie Skram, David OddyJohn Zickefoose,Lorenzo Sandoval, Karina Barone, Joe Leonardi, Ben and Elizabeth Sheridan, plus John Bach, Rachel Salowitz, A. Fogg, and Ruth Ellen Cunnally, along with the Ballyhoo Foxtrot Orchestra

Amy Burgmaier as Juliet in "Much Ado Wop About Something"

This stunning rendition of Juliet's Night from ISE's series of original New American Shakespeare shows ("Much Ado Wop About Something" - -set in the 1950s and 1960s Doo Wop heydey), is one of several renditions of the song which we developed for the season.  Another equally stunning but different version is on our MP3 music samples button on our home page, and by playing both together you can get a sense of how ISE workshops a play to develop its many different possibilites.  The short clip features one of the many ISE alumni who have gone on to make their mark in large markets - in this case, in New York City where the talented Amy Burgmaier is finding success - in this little clip of one of Amy's great songs, we can all see why!  The clip also features our original music director Tina Haase Findlay and the bella soul band. 

Iowa Shakespeare Experience production of On A Midsummers Night Dream!

This very nice piece submitted by a fan was taken in the handsome intimacy of our Rain Site at the Secret Castle Ballroom, where if rain befalls us, the show is set against authentic Renaissance Tapestries and takes on a wonderfull intimate nature.  This clip features ISE's own Matt Wiggins as Oberon, King of the Faires, who is in a bit of a pique because his Queen (ballerina Karina Barone as Queen Tatinia) has stolen from him the little boy they both love.  Indeed, even their obvious passion for each other cannot long stand against the jealousies which erupt over the boy, who at a clap of Tatania's hand is protected from Oberon by Tatania's own fairies, wonderful dancers from Ballet Des Moines. Thus, Oberon's henchman, Puck the Woodland Fairy (played by ISE senior veteran John Zickefoose), tries all manner of games to cheer up his Master - including song.  ISE has performed the crowdpleaser Midsummer Nights Dream several times; this particular version was set in the era of the Silver Screen with music to match.  Featuring a voice over by none other than recording artist Roxie Copeland.

Picnic with Panache for dsm magazine

This piece was shot by dsm magazine which required a relatively long intro for the purpose of editing soundbytes.  The intro paints a detailed picture of one of the early Shakesperience Festivals as told by ISE Executive Director and Producer Robin Heinemann, but the heart of the video is a lively and lilting short bit by ISE's own Artistic Director Lorenzo Sandoval, MFA, presenting one of the great famous scenes from Shakespeare as Malvolio, the love sick suitor from Twelfth Night.  Lorenzo's Malvolio is simply top notch!