Although currently the ISE employs ZERO full-time staff, the ISE enjoys extraordinary professional Leadership at both the Board and staff level. 
In fact, currently the two primary administrative leaders of our non-profit are also members of our Board of Directors, as these leaders are the founders of the Iowa Shakespeaere Experience.  Our two ISE administrators also serve multiple capacities within the programming side of our organization, including providing service to our educational programs and as Executive Producers (also with various artistic roles) for our annual Shakesperience Festival.
Our two administrators are known across the state of Iowa as consumate leaders in their fields. They maintain a vibrant social presence in the Metro and are active in a variety of different and diverse leadership networks of notable depth and breadth.
Get to know our two administrative founders by exploring some of the interesting information about them found below, where you will find their impressive Bio Sketches. 
You will find our adjectives do not exceed the reality.
Grant funders or others who wish to review the full professional curriculum vitae of our staff, will also find that material (which is extensive) in these webpages.
The curriculum vitae for our staff include an explicit list of the many nationally published journal articles, artistic works, educational manuals and other professional products our staff have authored. 
Executive Director (and founding Board member) for The Iowa Shakespeare Experience:
Robin Anne Heinemann, BS. Ed, Certified Community Development Professional, Certified Prevention and Intervention Professional, Certified At-risk Youth Professional, Certified Youth Development Professional, Certified Shakespeare Teaching Presenter (Folger National Shakespeare Library); Federal-level "Exemplary in the Nation" Programming Award Winner, 1994
Artistic Director (and founding ISE Board member) for The Iowa Shakespeare Experience:
Don* Lorenzo L. Sandoval, MFA, National Patricia Roberts Harris Fellow in the Arts, Certified Shakespeare Teaching Presenter (Folger National Shakespeare Library) Excellence in Education" Award Winner, 2012."*Honorific
Lorenzo Sandoval, MFA; Board of Directors and
Founding Artistic Director for The Iowa Shakespeare Experience,
"Teacher of the Year" and professor (adjunct)
at numerous colleges and Universities across central Iowa 
 photo - lorenzo.jpg
Don* Lorenzo Sandoval
Producing Artistic Director/Director for the Iowa Shakespeare Experience
* Honorific Title used in the Latino Community
OVERVIEW: A five-time Prairie Playwright Award winner who has been published by one of America’s largest theatrical publishing houses, Don Lorenzo Sandoval (or "Don Lorenzo" as he is known to friends and fans) received an MFA from the internationally-renowned University of Iowa’s Playwrights Workshop, where he held one of the nation’s scant 100 Patricia Roberts Harris Fellowships. He has been writing, teaching, acting, directing and producing ever since - - and has been regularly recognized with some of the highest awards his disciplines offer.  Particularly notable achievements have ranged from hosting Iowa Public Television shows to collegiate visiting artist positions (including being awarded "Teacher of the Year"), In 2015, Mr. Sandoval's non-profit theatre production company garnered its impressive 6th State of Iowa funding award for artistic excellence (in merely 7 years) as well as its 11th Bravo award from the cultural leaders of Iowa's Capital city plus other State awards for Tourism - -and from 2004 to 2015 Sandoval directed, produced, and adapted over 30 popular stage productions, ranging from traveling shows to several sold out hit series.  This includes an extremely innovative theatrical series staged annually (now in its 8th season) at the Iowa Governor's Mansion in direct association with 3 different Iowa First Ladies under 3 different gubernatorial administrations. In that period, he's acted in even more shows as well, including in film roles where recently he garnered a Distinctive Acheivement in Acting award from Iowa's film industry. A "Man of the Year" award winner from the Iowa League of United Latin American Countries, his performance work can be seen as far away as the Netherlands.  And in 2015, Lorenzo Sandoval also assumed the Presidency of one of Iowa's oldest intellectual "thought leadership" organizations, The Prairie Club, where he will have the notable honor of leading that organization into its next 100 years.  
BACKGROUND: Mr. Sandoval is a former top executive and Non-Profit CEO who loves theatre so passionately, he returned to school in his late forties to get his MFA. Prior to that time and since, for over 22 years, Mr. Sandoval was a top tier regional and Metro business executive who has provided extensive executive leadership to a wide variety of large companies, public agencies and specialized non-profits, such as for Metro Arts Alliance (Acting Executive Director), the Iowa Interfaith Alliance (Executive Director), Proteus, Swift and Company, and in particular in a Deputy position with the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs . Additionally, he has been a longtime leader of the Latino community in various roles across the entire state, including as the Founding President of an agency which has grown into one of the state's largest and most well-respected Latino-oriented non-profits:  HER of Des Moines. (Hispanic Educational Resources)
Thus, in a way that may afford Mr. Sandoval an especially broad, pragmatic and insightful leadership perspective, Mr. Sandoval's career has significant depth and range.  He’s provided training and consultation to both Fortune 500 Companies like Sears, to national agencies like the Red Cross of America and the United States Department of Justice, and to Universities as well as to non-profit start-ups.  One particularly notable consulting contract involved work conducted directly on Native American tribal grounds in the desert southwest, where he worked with 5 Tribal Nations to develop materials on justic-oriented partnerships, published by the International Association of Chiefs of Police. 
Mr. Sandoval is further an accomplished grant-writer who routinely brought millions of dollars annually into our state during an extensive stint as a lead grant writer for one of our state’s leading social service agencies, in addition to garnering smaller sums for smaller agencies many, many times over.  He does still accept the occasional grant writing contract as he is able to, and has often taught grant writing courses at the collegiate level.
Mr. Sandoval's professional achievements have resulted in numerous Board of Director appointments as well as several governmental and Mayoral Appointments, such as service on the city’s Human Rights Commission, where he was elected Vice Chair.  One of his most recent Board leadership positions was as the Vice President of the state's board which manages Iowa's interface with the National Endowment of the Humanities- Humanities Iowa.  He currently serves on the Board of the Botanical Center, as it undergoes a major growth phase.  He has also the honor of having been selected (twice!) for the prestigous role of Chief Theatre Critic for the state's luminous annual Speech and Theatre Competitions- one of the country's leading examples of that exciting genre. 
Additionally fully bi-lingual in Spanish, when not engaged with his responsibilites for the ISE or for the community, Mr. Sandoval is a popular and deeply accomplished teaching veteran who currently specializes in multi-disciplinary teaching across the humanities, theatre, literature and communication fields at institutions of higher education throughout the Midwest. Mr. Sandoval has taught numerous courses for five different colleges and Universities, including the University of Iowa. He also develops, manages and implements award-winning theatre programming for youth – and is further a notably popular instructor for the area’s Senior Colleges.  One of Mr. Sandoval's most recent regional University appointments included a term as an Artist-in-Residence while teaching for the University of Wisconsin - where he was a featured mainstage performer at the beautiful "Theatre on the Bay".  He also has led a significant number of youth theatre projects - including several mutli-week intensive youth residencies where he worked, sometimesbilingually, with some of the state's most disenfranchised yet talented young people- to great success and acclaim.   He is routinely formally rated as an A-plus "Favorite" instructor by students of all ages.  In 2012, Mr. Sandoval was awarded the prestigious "Excellence in Education Award" by Upper Iowa University.
Mr. Sandoval’s leadership specifically as an Artist is as multi-faceted as the rest of his career. He is a rostered artist with the Iowa Arts Council, with Metro Arts Alliance, and with p’ARTners Unlimited, and has provided extensive leadership in the arts and in social services through both elected and appointed service on numerous state and regional Boards, such as his peer-election as a delegate to Imagine Iowa 2010 - our state's inaugural public planning process for growing the arts. 
Also, as an artist, Mr. Sandoval’s credentials include study at some of the nation's most prestigious arts schools, along with study in London England and at Shakespeare festivals and Institutes all across America, along with the following wide ranging artistic achievements:
 · As an Artistic Director, before founding the Iowa Shakespeare Experience, for half a decade Mr. Sandoval served in dual capacity as the jump-start catylist for the Salisbury House Shakespeare initiative he founded as that series' inaugural Artistic Director, as well as for the Terrace Hill “Victorian Voices” theatre initiatives which he also served as founding Artistic Director.  In fact, for all of these unique series which continue to this day, Mr. Sandovalnot only  served as Fouding Artistic Director, but also as founding Director, Producing Director, Grantwriter, Playwright, and Performer. Further, he has completed his 10th year of directing, writing and producing original theatre as a Founding Artistic Director for the Des Moines Art Center.   He is nearing his 25th metro-area production as a Producing Artistic Director.
 · As a Director, Mr. Sandoval has directed and produced for a wide variety of theatre companies including Stage West here in Des Moines - -and in extensive teaching residences in other states.  He has directed over 50 different plays since 2002. and as a Director, has worked with some of the finest acting talent in the region. He has also directed such national talent as with the Emmy-award winning Greg Allen Williams, and had the distinct pleasure and privelege of supporting Golden Globe winning actor Stacy Keach, the leading Shakespearean Actor in America today, in a special project Mr. Keach designed to benefit the Iowa Shakespeare Experience..
 · As a veteran scriptwriter and playwright, Mr. Sandoval receives frequent commissions, such as a 2008 radio script writing commission from the University of Alabama, the 2009 work that he is completing for a statewide theatre project under prestigious funding from the Iowa Arts Council, or his 2010 commission for Arts Central. His work has been published by one of the nation’s largest dramatic publishing houses: Dramatic Press.  Plays written by Lorenzo Sandoval have had over 40 different productions across the country.
  As a media personality, Mr. Sandoval has anchored two television shows, most notably the weekly public affairs series  he hosted for “Insight Iowa” for Iowa Public Television, and appears in various television specials. He also makes frequent appearances across the state in various capacities as an MC for numerous events – such as his five year stint as MC for International Day at Drake University and his multi-year presence as the on-air host of Iowa Public Television productions such as The World Food Prize and The Terrace Hill Piano Competition. Currently his voice-over media work can be heard on both coasts and in such special projects as a 2009 film made in honor of former US Attorney General Janet Reno. 
  · As an actor, Lorenzo Sandoval has appeared in more than 90 industrials and films as well as on regional stages all across the Midwest.  He has been cast as an actor in over 60 stage plays - and counting. Films featuring Lorenzo Sandoval are today shown not only across the country, but as far across the Globe as the Netherlands, Europe and South America.  One of his most recent fim roles is his 2012 and 2013 leading role in the "art noir" short films sequence "Trying to Quit", where he stars opposite Chicago actress Candace Rose ( frequently seen on series TV in such shows as ER, JAG and soaps) under the direction of producer/director Paul Verge of Iowa Public Television renown.  This film is in the line up across  the national film festival scene and already has been recognized with a Best Feature award in the Iowa Independent Film Festival - - and with several awards for Sandoval's acting, including a Best Actor nomination at the Wild Rose Film Festival as well as garnering that festival's Distinctive Achievement in Acting Award.  Further, in recognition of his breadth of achievements on the stage and in film,  Mr. Sandoval has five times enjoyed the prestigious honor of serving as the Chief Theatre Critic for the State of Iowa's extraordinary annual Speech and Theatre Competition and Conference- one of the nation's most robust events of that genre. He additionally served as the Keynote Speaker for that conference in 2015.
Mr. Sandoval is also a consummate actor on the stage.  He has been cast in over 60 stage roles - and counting! Recent local stage roles include a pivotal role in the inaugural run of a show which the Washington Post called "the hottest new musical in America" .  In that show (Robert Ford's first run of the hit Caucus the Musical) Sandoval's work was shown on CBS National Television.  On state regularly across Iowa's capital city region, other recent stage leads include lauded work in the title role of William Shakespeare's Othello (2013) plus twice assuming the title role of Mark Twain in Sandoval's memorable original play, Twain at Twilight, produced in 2008 at the Iowa Governor's Mansion and in 2011 as part of Shakesperience Fest AND on 2011 traveling stages throughout the region. He’s also been a featured artist showcased by any number of regional arts councils --and in guest artist residency out-of-state, such as his work at Wisconsin's Theatre on the Bay, where he played the lead "Sam" in the stage version of Woody Allen's Play It Again Sam.  His work in pivotal roles in on stage at the Iowa Governors Mansion of Terrace Hill (which in 2015 reached its 8th season garners fan notes from all over the state, and he has been foundational in the growing development of a robust and highly innovative theatre program at the Iowa Governor's Mansion, working in close association with Iowa First Ladies under 3 different gubanatorial administrations.  From 2004 to 2015, he has directed and produced, adapted and written more than 30 professional stage productions for the theatre non-profit which he manages.  
 · As a multi-disciplinary performing artist, Mr. Sandoval has been a featured musician at the Iowa State Fair mainstage and has sung and danced on stages all across the US – including on the United Nations stage.  He has been involved in any number of other multi-disciplinary projects- and was tapped for the prestigious role of Artist in Residence in conjunction with the Des Moines Art Center's award-winning presentation of the work of Enrique Chegoya.
 · As a Shakespearean artist, Mr. Sandoval has had many great honors and priveleges, including the distinct honor of working with Golden Globe winning Actor Mr. Stacy Keach, widely considered to be the leading classical and Shakespearean actor in America today, during a special project which Mr. Keach graciously donated to benefit The Iowa Shakespeare Experience.  Mr. Sandoval first took the Shakespearean stage as a young teen - and since that time has ceaselessly relished the Bard both onstage and off - having attended Shakespeare festivals in 14 different American states (and counting) as well as having had the great privelege to study and attend Shakespeare in London England as one of our country's mere 100 Patricia Roberts Harris Fellows. Mr. Sandoval has further been involved in several Midwestern Shakespeare companies before founding The Iowa Shakespeare Experience. He is noted for his seamless adaptations of Shakespeare, for the infusion of multi-media disciplines into Shakespearean plays, as well as for the creation of new Shakespearean-based works, such as the acclaimed “Romeo and Juliet: Thrice Told Tales” (featuring local legend, the beloved late Micheal Cornelison); “The Regina Monologues”, and “Much Adoo-wop About Something”. (All titles copyrighted with full rights reserved.)  He is certificated specifically as a Shaksparean Teaching Educator by the Folger National Shakespeare Library of Washington, DC. 
Mr. Sandoval also has completed a variety of prestigious artistic residencies – some as close as a recent residency at the Des Moines Arts Center with nationally-acclaimed artist Enrique Chagoya. Other residencies took Mr. Sandoval across the country, such as his 2002 residency at Theatre-On-the- Bay with the University of Wisconsin in Marinette.  He has further been an invited university commentator for national Shakespeare companies as the internationally-recognized Aquilla. Additionally, he's had the great honor of working with Golden Globe winner and movie star Stacy Keach, currently America's most lauded Shakesperean actor, when Mr. Keach personally came to Iowa specifically to lend fundraising support to Mr. Sandoval's Shakespeare-focused non-profit. More detailed information is available on Mr. Sandoval's teaching and academic career, below.
Mr. Sandoval is a Principal of Heinemann-Sandoval Consulting and in that capacity, has assisted a wide variety of nonprofit agencies with various aspects of programming- from serving as an interim Executive Director to assisting or serving as a lead grant writer with grant applications.  He maintains a notable 90+% grant proposal acceptance rate.   He is an exceptionally well-rounded leader across a wide variety of different communities, having provided consultation and leadership in a variety of different states, elected as Man of the Year by the League of United Latin American Countries (LULAC).  He has co-authored and piloted a unique justice training manual for Native American tribal governments in New Mexico as part of a project for the US Department of Justice. He is also a trained public policy issues facilitator, formally certificated by the Iowa Public Policy Institute with the National Issues Forum, fully trained in the Kettering Foundation approach to framing public policy issues.  In 2007, he was elected into one of the state's oldest professional and cultural "thought leadership" societies, The Prairie Club, where CEOs and other top leaders from business, medicine, government, law and academia present original scholarly themes and papers, which are then housed for posterity in archives of the library of the State of Iowa.
As astute observers of the Midwestern cultural scene have observed, truly Lorenzo Sandoval is one of the relatively few artists in this region able to derive his living completely from his chosen art form.  He is a passionate advocate and patron of all things theatre- a true "Rennaissance Man" of multiple dimensions, he lives the Dream!
EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Mr. Sandoval attended Morningside College for several years while ultimately receiving his BA from Grand View University (1994) and his MFA from the University of Iowa (1998). There, he held the rare Patricia Roberts Harris Fellowship in the internationally recognized Iowa Playwrights Workshop, where he additionally taught.  (A scant 100 individuals across the entire country are awarded as Patricia Roberts Harris Fellows in any one year.) As he has time, Mr. Sandoval is currently at work completing hours for his doctorate. and recently completed a number of hours towards that goal at Iowa State University.  He also has enjoyed seminar study at various prestigious Shakespeare programs and Festivals across America and indeed, internationally, having studied Shakespeare in England, at prestigious festivals such as with the Utah Shakespeare Festival seminar series, and with the seminars of the Shakespeare World Congress annual conference program.   
EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHOP EXPERIENCE: Since 2002 Mr. Sandoval has taught well over 100 different sections of college and University course work at 5 different institutions of higher learning all across the state of Iowa.  His expertise as a teaching professional is notably broad and varied - his courses range from Detective Fiction to Latino Cultures to Introduction to the Humanities and Creative Writing- - and include multiple hours of teaching not only theatre, but communication courses of all kinds- from Business Communications to Public Speaking to Interpersonal Communication.  Teaching a wide variety of Theatre courses is one of his noted specialties.
Mr. Sandoval is in high demand as a top-ranked teacher both with traditional age students as well as with adult learners- his college load averages a whopping 5-6 courses each Fall and Spring semester.  His teaching routinely garners highest rankings from his students. In 2012, he was awarded the prestigious "Excellence in Education" Award of Upper Iowa University, an award notable for requiring confidence votes not only from Faculty and peers, but also from students. .
Mr. Sandoval's teaching resume additionally features literally hundreds of hours of contractual work - -providing theatre experiences to elementary and high school youth all across the state.  These teaching contracts have included working with youth to help them write, produce and act in their own plays- endeavors which not infrequently include creating theatrical presentations where the youth are able to perform for  large community-wide audiences - such as a production in Marshalltown, Iowa that played to nearly 500. Another contract with AMOS resulted in work towards an original play concerning Iowa's strugge with immigration issues.  He's additional taught directly on site on Native American Tribal lands, working with 5 different Tribal Nations, with coursework he personaly developed for the International Association of Cheifs of Police regarding Tribal Justice issues within the US Police System. He has been specially trained and certificated in any number of teaching methods, including in the Folger National Shakespeare Library approach to teaching Shakespeare.  Mr. Sandoval also is fully bi-lingual in Spanish and has additional sub-specialty teaching and certification areas which speak to his keen ability to work with culturally diverse, economically disenfranchised and/or adjudicated youth.
Lorenzo Sandoval, a professor of communications, arts and theatre as well as the Artistic Director and Executive Producer of The Iowa Shakespeare Experience 501 (c)3 nonprofit, has held a variety of top tier positions in the Iowa and Greater Des Moines Leadership communities for many years.  Recognized state-wide by the Latino community for a variety of key achievements Mr. Sandoval has also been involved in many leadership positions in the wider community as well.
+ + +
As a leader with Iowa’s Latino population, Sandoval has been elected LULAC (League of United Latin American Countries) Man-of-the-Year for a broad range of accomplishments.  He was the founding Board President of HER (Hispanic Education Resources), a non-profit which has grown to be Iowa’s largest Latino-serving agency.  He has been elected to or involved with many different Boards and commissions which work with the Latino population, such as Iowa’s statewide Latino Youth Conference.  He served for many years as the Master of Ceremonies for the state’s International Day, held at Drake University.  Nationally, he was one of the country’s scant 100 Patricia Roberts Harris Fellows at the University of Iowa, where he studied and also taught in the internationally-renowned Playwright’s Workshop.  During that time, he also had the opportunity to study briefly in London. And following his receipt of his terminal MFA degree from the Workshop, he has become one of the state’s leading minority artists, published as a playwright from one of the country’s largest dramatic publishing houses, and holding prestigious artistic residencies both in state at places such as the Des Moines Art Center, as well as out of state, such as his teaching residency at the University of Wisconsin (Marinette).
As a regional, state and metro leader, Sandoval has also received many honors.  He has served on some of our state’s leading Boards, such as his service on the Board of Directors for the ACLU of Iowa, and his several terms with the NCCJ (National Conference of Christians and Jews; later, National Conference of Community and Justice.) As a mayoral appointee to the Des Moines Human Rights Commission, he was elected Vice Chair.  As a gubernatorial appointee to the state’s Humanities Iowa Board, he was elected Vice President.  He was elected by his peers as a Representative to the state’s Imagine Iowa cultural initiative.   His honors have had broad reach – for example, he was the Chair of the International Grant Review Committee for the International Red Cross in Washington, DC, where his work reached all over the country and into Latin America, Europe and many other lands.
Professionally, Sandoval has held many further honors and distinctions, and brings a notably broad and deep perspective to his work.  One of the few Iowa artists able to work full time in his field, he is also one of the relatively few artists to regularly hold significant executive leadership roles across a variety of premiere agencies in a variety of disciplines.  He served as Executive Director for The Interfaith Alliance of Iowa, as interim Executive Director for Metro Arts Alliance, and as the second-in-command at one of the state’s largest agencies, the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs.   Earlier in his career, he also held managerial positions with Swift and Company, was a regional director for the Illinois Migrant Council, and provided training and consultation to such Fortune 500 and national leadership companies such as Sears and the Red Cross.   His work in grantwriting also has provided significant impact to the state of Iowa; such as during his time as a top executive with Proteus Employment Opportunities, where he routinely brought millions into the state for many years. 
+ + +
Today, Sandoval is known as a top tier artist and cultural affairs executive, a dedicated academic teacher at the college level, a talented teacher of youth programs, an exceptional communicator, and a valued media personality.  He has been the host of two television programs and several radio shows, most notably, Insight Iowa, the weekly state-wide public affairs program of Iowa Public Television. He's also hosted multiple public television specials, and further served for multiple successive years as the on-air host for the World Food Prize Award Ceremony on Iowa Public Television. With over one hundred college and university teaching sections to his credit, he is also a certified facilitator in the several approaches to public policy dialogue, such as “Trainer of Trainer” certification from the Kittinger Institute and with the human resources program of interpersonal communication known as LIFO ( Life Orientations, which he has taught in multiple states)  He has successfully founded a variety of artistic initiatives, from the Day of the Dead project of the Des Moines Arts Center now in its second decade (the Arts Center’s single largest event annually) to his current venture as Artistic Director for the Iowa Shakespeare Experience.  In 2007, he was elected into one of the Iowa's oldest societies,  The Prairie Club, a private organization where top CEOs and leaders of business, medicine, law, government and academia present original scholarly papers. 
As an artist, Sandoval has held down both performance and artistic management positions almost too numerous to count, including work in over 100 films and commercials as well as an incredibly broad repertory of stage appearances as a multi-disciplinary acting and musical talent.  He has appeared on stages all across the country, from the Iowa State Fair to the United Nations.  Sandoval is a sought-after teacher of theatre, playwriting and the dramatic arts, and his own voice work can be routinely heard on both coasts, while he currently appears in educational films shown as far away as Europe and the Netherlands.  Quite a bit of his work has been for national initiatives or initiatives that otherwise stretch well outside of Iowa, such as his narration of a film special honoring Attorney General Janet Reno, and his writing contracts with the University of Alabama. 
+ + +
Lorenzo Sandoval is the father of 3 children: Micheal, Matthew and Alicia - -and grandfather to Roman, Mallory and Issac.  He currently resides in Iowa's capital in the exciting Sherman Hill neighborhood of downtown Des Moines, an Iowa National Historic District, where he and his partner, Robin Heinemann, are continually at work towards the full restoration of their 1875 Victorian Home and garden.  Each summer, the couple travels extensively all across America, to network with arts colleagues and national arts projects of many sorts, focusing on their passion for explicitly outdoor arts projects such as outdoor festival presentations of theatre, opera, and symphony. 
Robin Heinemann, Board of Directors and 
ISE Founding Executive Director: Leadership Bio Sketch
Text: Chrysalis Foundation Book;  "The Power of Her" (Published 2010 Des Moines, Iowa)
Photo by Bill Nellans
Robin Heinemann, Executive Director for the Iowa Shakespeare Experience, Founding Executive Producer for the Iowa Shakesperience ™ Festival, has significant experience in founding and jumpstarting ground-breaking programs which virtually without exception, have gone on to win major state and federal level awards. She is also a talented artistic designer who has designed and provided a wide variety of leadership roles for 20 different theatrical productions  (and counting!) since 2004, as well as for two different television series in Iowa and a variety of television-based initiatives in New York City.
Ms. Heinemann comes by her genuine love for outdoor arts programs from long family experience with some of the most famous outdoor arts festivals in the Nation.  Her father was the first to televise some of the most venerated festivals on the East Coast, such as the Tanglewood Music Festival (summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra).  With a family summer home in the  hotbed area of outdoor arts programs like  Tanglewood, Shakespeare and Company, and Jacobs Pillow Dance, Ms. Heinemann fell in love at an early age with the outdoor approach to the arts.   This love was strengthened when long before her involvement with specifically Shakespeare, she traveled independently around the country during many, many summers - - specifically to visit and enjoy just as many outdoor arts festivals as she could.  In the late nineties, she even purchased a tract of Iowa land well suited to her dream of opening an outdoor arts camp- a dream that she keeps in the back of her mind as perhaps part of the future for The Iowa Shakespeare Experience!
Ms. Heinemann is a former associate of Showmakers, a New York City based international Television production studio which garnered a record-breaking number of Emmy Awards.  Indeed, along with frequent exposure to Emmy-winning talent and with Emmy-winning productions, Ms. Heinemann worked in various associations with the judging process for the International Emmy Awards, an experience which exposed to her to the highest standards of artistic quality around the world- and which gave her an intimate familiarity with the processes which create award-winning quality.  She herself has personally co-produced two cable television show series in association with the Office of the Mayor of the City of Des Moines.
Ms. Heinemann also worked various production and audience/ticket management roles for award-winning TV shows of national renown, such as Saturday Night Live (then with Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, Gilda Radner, Jane Murray and frequent guests Steve Martin, et al) - work which led to her selection for a prestigious role in the New York City Flagship offices of one of the nation’s most recognized entertainment industry leaders: the NBC television network. There, she was one of an elite five-member team which served as the personal staff for the Executive Office of NBC’s then-President and CEO, the famed television wunderkind leader Fred Silverman, in association with two other entertainment industry legends: the lauded Brandon Tartifkoff and former MTM CEO and industry giant Grant Tinker. Working with these legends, she mastered client and customer management skills for the NBC visitors the likes of King Huessien of Jordan and for Executive Suite guests ranging from Ted Kennedy to Raquel Welch.  She later applied these client management skills for several other industry leaders in the Hospitality business -such as for Hyatt Hotels and Embassy Suites hotels, where she served in over 28 different capacities managing various creative initiatives for several international hotel openings and for hotel prototype properties.
Following her time in New York and an 8 year stint in Austin, Texas, where Ms. Heinemann was involved with that city’s renowned music video production and music festival scenes (in association with the internationally-ranked Kerrville Folk Festival and appearing on MTV music videos with Bob Wills and also with The Fabulous Thunderbirds), Robin returned to join family -now located in Des Moines.  Here, she turned her significant familiarity with top-notch productions across multiple genres to helping produce a wide variety of community special events, such as the $300,000 White House Millennium Communities project she founded for Metro Des Moines– and served as Tri-Chair, in association with the Office of the Mayor and the City of Des Moines, the Downtown Community Alliance, 5 other major Metro-area businesses and banks - - plus 28 different regional Mayors. Ms. Heinemann was awarded the “Key to the City” of Des Moines for this extraordinary initiative, which involved working with 28 metro-area cities. To date she has been involved as an Event Chair, Committee Chair, or sub-committee chair on well over 50 different special events and fundraisers across the Metro - most of these some of the Metro's most well-regarded, famed events.  For example, one community initiative that Ms. Heinemann helped found in its seminal form now celebrates its 15th successive year:  The "ImaginEve" Family New Year's Eve celebration held annually in downtown Des Moines. 
Upon Ms. Heinemann’s move to Des Moines, she first turned the focus of her professional talents to the development of national prototype programs  (1993-2008) that would serve some of the nation’s most vulnerable populations- particularly inner city families and youth. She designed prototype programming for multiple federal agencies in association with key positions she held for 8 years within the Des Moines Public Schools and then for 10 years at Iowa State University.  She was a consultant to the Iowa Legislature under the late Senator Szymoniak and in that capacity, helped create a prototype Iowa Bill which led the nation regarding key elements of how services are provided to at-risk youth (written about nationally in State Legislatures Magazine, Oct/November 1999.) Her work with these various programs led to one of America’s rare 20 “Exemplary in the Nation” awards (Iowa’s first) - -a testament to her experience and proven ability in creating innovative, effective ways to address some of the nation’s most pressing problems- such as the methamphetamine prevention project she served for many years. She could be found on the leading edges of the initial national movement to create research-based prevention initiatives and she is a bona-fide national expert in a foundational field known as “programming fidelity” – involving the use of Logic Model outcome analysis to evaluate the effectiveness of programming.   And she represented the state of Iowa at national prototype educational programming conferences and seminars held at Harvard's Graduate School of Education, in association with then-US Secretary of Education Richard Riley.
Ms. Heinemann's seminal work in  Education and Evaluation - -and specifically, in  Evaluation Fidelity (the creation of a unique Fideltiy Evaluation Tool) - - as well as her seminal work with at-risk student populations around methamphetamine prevention is nationally published and disseminated and has resulted in national recognition and leadership in conjunction with prototype projects at Harvard University, the International Association of Chiefs of Police in Alexandria Virginia, and in Washington DC at the United States Department of Education, the United States Department of Health and Human Services, the United States Department of Justice, and the United States Department of Defense. For the later agency, Ms. Heinemann was one of merely 6 federal-level consultants selected from all across America, entrusted by the US Military to analyze community development issues on US Military bases located all over the world.  In that capacity, she co-authored and presented a variety of reports to United States Military commanding officers.  She also spent time working with tribal communities in the southwest,  co-authoring a national curriculum to further justice causes in Native American communities under funding from the US Department of Justice. 
WIDE BREADTH OF ADDITONAL INITIATIVES AND MUTLI-FACETED EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Ms. Heinemann’s work in Iowa has involved a wide breadth of other activities and notable successes  that speak to her multi-faceted interests, particularly her abiding interest in the Arts (the discipline in which she first began working full time in 2008).  These sucesses range from the nascent development of programs at Salisbury House and Terrace Hill to her service as Arts and Cultural Liaison to the Office of the Mayor (Des Moines) and her appointment as the founding Chair of the Des Moines Public Art Task force, work which received one of the state’s highest arts awards- the Iowa Arts Council “Arts in Community” award. She further distinguished herself in the field of law at Drake University, where she received two American Jurisprudence Awards for highest scholarship and also was named a national Rockefeller Foundation Alternate Scholar in Divinity. Previously, Ms. Heinemann was a President’s Scholar at Drake and with John Cabot International College, she also attended university in Rome, Italy and Paris, France as well as the L’Abris Institute in Huemoz, Switzerland.
COMMUNITY AND BOARD LEADERSHIP: Ms. Heinemann is an elected member of both the Greater Des Moines Leadership Institute and Leadership Iowa, institutions which during the time of her election, annually elected less than 50 individuals from across the Metro and the State in any given year.  She was an inaugural Fellow in the Mary Louise Smith Women's Leadership Initiative. She has served on 32 different national, regional, state and metro Boards; particularly related to her work for the ISE were her two full terms on the Board of Directors for the Des Moines Community Playhouse and service as a founding Board member for one of Iowa’s largest initiatives for utilizing the arts to reach at-risk youth: The Iowa Arts Council Take-A-Step statewide prototype project.  In 2005, she was elected into one of Iowa's oldest intellectual societies,  Proteus, where women leaders of business, law, philanthropy, government, and the arts write and present scholarly papers.  These papers are then filed for posterity with the Unversity of Iowa's Center for Women's Studies.
The breadth and depth of Ms. Heinemann's accomplishments and achievements provide Ms. Heinemann with a perspective at once wide yet focused - hallmarked by unusual range. Ms. Heinemann’s work for the ISE utilizes her wide ranging perspective and broad expertise.  Ms. Heinemann's work for the ISE encompasses the development and supervision of all ISE youth educational programs as well as resource development and lead grant writing services for the ISE, where she maintains the laudable (and rare) 99% proposal acceptance rate she established for Des Moines Public Schools and Iowa State University.  Additionally, as a nationally published researcher of effective program outcomes, Ms. Heinemann manages ISE evaluation and outcome data.
In the broader community, Ms. Heinemann is a member of some of the most prestigious social clubs and community service networks in the Metro -and also leads the ISE in the development of special events and public relations.  She is a Principal of Heinemann-Sandoval consulting and contractually in that capacity, has designed and provided project management for a wide variety of community development and non-profit initiatives- - including the implementation of various types of training (such as Trainer of Trainers training) in 5 different states outside Iowa.  She also accepts outside grant-writing contracts for Heinemann-Sandoval and maintains a remarkable 95% proposal acceptance rate. 
CURRENT CAREER INITIATIVES: As the ISE's founding Executive Director, supported by the ISE Board, Ms. Heinemann has been the "point person" largely responsible for the ISE's notable growth to date as a non-profit agency which despite stringent state-wide competition, was immediately recognized 8 times (in merely its first 7 years) as one of Iowa's "Top Ten" arts projects in the state.  Despite ISE having been founded during notably recessionary times, Ms. Heinemann has greatly contributed to The Iowa Shakespeare Experience's growth as a truly cutting edge non-profit entrepreneurial business enterprise.  She also has worked very closely with the offices of Iowa's First Ladies under 3 different gubanotorial administations to develop an innovative new theatre program for the Iowa Governor's Mansion, which in 2015 celebrated a remarkable 8 seasons.  
In summary:
Both Lorenzo Sandoval and Robin Heinemann are consummate strategic planners, out-of-the-box analytic thinkers, and accomplished professionals skilled in both big-picture thinking as well as in detail-oriented work production. 
Their work routinely wins major awards whether at the city, state or national levels.
The ISE is fortunate to have the benefit of professional skills of this nature, and under this type of leadership firepower, we look forward to continued strong growth that matches the extraordinary growth we have, thanks to leaders like these, already seen to date.

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