"It is the mind that makes the body rich"
T of the S, Act iv, Sc.3

As fhs Metro's authoritative producing Shakespeare theatre company, the ISE is frequently asked to be a resource for the press on various items related to arts, culture, and the intellectual life.

Below are just a few examples of recent ISE input shared with the public through the press:

Link to Des Moines Register Book Reccommendations story:  Coming soon.

Link to Insight Iowa, Lorenzo Sandovals weekly public affairs televsion show which aired weekly on Iowa Public Television: Coming soon.

Link to

Link to various Culture Buzz interviews: coming soon.


City Spotlights with Mayor Preston Daniels and City Spotlights with Mayor Frank Cownie,  monthly city-wide cultural affairs Television Program (Robin Heinemann, Producer 1996-1999, Robin Heinemann and Lorenzo Sandoval, Producers 2001-2003)