Employment Opportunities with the ISE:


The ISE is proud to be a meaningful contributor to the development of the Creative Economy in greater Des Moines.  On average, we anticipate creating from 50-95 paid employment opportunities each year.


Many of our employment opportunities are paid stipend opportunities for Actors or other creative artists.  It should be noted that stipends are not intended to neccessarily be a living wage, but rather a professional courtesy wage.  The Des Moines Metro area unfortunately does not yet well-support an abundance of living wage opportunities for theatre artists.  However, ISE' stipend fees are some of the highest stipend wages available in the area. To be apprised of these opportunities, send resumes and head shots to Robin@IowaShakespeare.org.  We accept resumes all through the year.  (Also see the United Kingdom's April 2013 study on Actors self-surveys as to non-living wage jobs, printed below.)


Full time employment opportunities with the ISE are extremely limited, but we do have occasional openings for part-time non-artist helps in various areas of administration, office management, and festival management.  Please send inquires and resumes to the address above.


The ISE values the development of long term working relationships.  To be considered most favorably for paid positions, it is helpful if you are able to volunteer or accept a paid-stipend position with us first, as we do have a policy of offering position openings first to those who have completed a successful run with us already.  


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Internship Opportunities with the ISE:


Some are born great, some achieve greatness -and some have greatness thrust upon ‘em!” Twelfth Night



The ISE is proud to be a meaningful contributor to the development of important Creative Economy and Management internships  in greater Des Moines.  We work with all area high schools, colleges and universities, and also offer opportunities on a regional scale.


On average, we anticipate creating from 5-10 stipended or accredited internship opportunities each year.  We have limited but distinct capacity to offer housing to interns who live beyond a 45 mile area from Greater Des Moines.  


ISE internships are supervised by extraordinary professionals who maintain significant links within Metro leadership sectors.  Artistic internships are supervised by an MFA Artist with hundreds of college teaching hours to his credit.  Administrative internships are supervised by an extremely experienced manager who is a particular expert in adult learning.  You can be assured your internship with the ISE will involve a quality and supportive learning opportunity and that you will have many opportunities to make a meaningful difference in the life of The Iowa Shakespeare Experience non-profit agency.  


The ISE values the development of long term working relationships.  As applicable, the ISE has a policy of offering position openings first to those who have completed a successful run with us already.  


Beyond any number of artistic internships (or internships involving back stage work) the ISE offers internships in MANY areas, among them:


  •  Technology
  •  Office Management
  •  Festival Management
  •  PR, Advertising, Graphic Design
  • Volunteer Management
  • Education
  • Community Outreach
  • Grant Writing and Grant Management



The ISE is able to almost completely customize internships.  


See additional webpages in this section for more information. 


Send inquiries and resumes to: Robin@IowaShakespeare.org



The following article reports on a 2013 UK Survey of Actor's concening the profession's attitude towards what are known there as "no or low pay" jobs (work similar to ISE's stipend wage system.)

The UK Casting service Spotlight has published results of a survey into whether its members approve of low pay/no pay work opportunities.   The survey was sent to Spotlight’s 50,000 members including performers and casting directors, and received more than 5,000 responses.

It found that 71% of performers believe there is a place for low pay/no pay work in the entertainment industry, with 65.6% saying they do or would take on this kind of work themselves.  

Meanwhile, 87.3% of casting professionals felt there was a place for opportunities paying below the national minimum wage, with nearly half of them saying they themselves had undertaken such opportunities.

Just over half of respondents – 50.2% – said they believed low pay/no pay opportunities should continue to be advertised via Spotlight.   Ben Seale, managing partner of Spotlight, said: “A key message from casting professionals and performers is that Spotlight is a vehicle for casting information, and our role is not to try to change the law, or pretend this work doesn’t exist. Rather, they would prefer to make their own decisions about the projects they get involved with. Spotlight’s responsibility is to keep a close eye on industry trends and continue to reflect customer requirements in the services which it offers.  

“It is my belief that by asking casting professionals to be up front with pay categories on Spotlight, we are bringing an element of transparency to the issue, rather than pushing low pay/no pay work ‘underground’ or on to other less reputable casting websites, where it is more likely to be abused. It is important for the industry to understand the extent of the issue, and we can only do this if we have visibility on how much unpaid/low paid work is currently out there.”   He added the service would now be “exploring better ways in which low/unpaid casting opportunities can be better presented on Spotlight”.  

Performers’ union Equity welcomed the fact that Spotlight had carried out the survey. Assistant general secretary Stephen Spence said: “It is great to see that Spotlight openly acknowledges the issues surrounding low pay and no pay work. The results of their survey are highly informative for all of us working towards potential solutions to this controversial issue.  

“There is little Spotlight can do on its own to change the fundamental issue that low and unpaid work exists in our industry, and it is not their role to act as a censor. We are pleased that Spotlight is fully supporting our Film School Agreement, which will really help to tackle the unfair low pay and no pay work frequently offered by film schools using Spotlight. We will continue to work closely with Spotlight on similar initiatives to stamp out other unfair work of this nature.”