"Some are born great, some achieve greatness -and some have greatness thrust upon ‘em!” Twelfth Night



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IMPORTANT ALERT RE 2011 AUDITIONS: As of 9/23, we experienced a significant technical difficulty with the original email we had provided for use regarding auditions.  We THINK we have fixed the problem, and you can CONTINUE to use Lorenzo_Sandoval@Hotmail.com.  But for the remainder of the audition period, as a back up, please CC all correspondance to:


2011-2012 OPENINGS AND AUDITIONS:  Special Note:  See NEW Email contact address above!

WORKING WITH THE ISE: The ISE offers theatre and other performing arts professionals the chance for your work to be showcased in premiere venues to a broad, regional audience, paid-stipend positions, fairly flexible and sensitive rehearsal scheduling, the chance to work on (and contribute to!) new soon-to-be-published pieces as well as the classics, and the opportunity to work with top talent and with the exciting "Discovery" approach to theatre.  Each show is unique and typically carries various different kinds of "perks" and thoughtful "niceties", ranging from receptions or the provision of certain meals to the provision of gas cards if and when our traveling shows cause you an extended commute. 

CURRENT UPCOMING AUDITIONS: We are currently accepting applications and auditions for positions in our Fall-Winter 2011 shows and for our 2012 Summer Shakesperience Festival season.   Between the Winter and Summer shows, we anticipate we will have approximately 30 cast roles open for a wide variety of ages and for both sexes.  We will also have opportunities in dance. (In all areas, the number of openings is approximated due to the potential for double casting). We will further be seeking approximately 3-5 backstage and technical positions for each show. Scroll below to find out more about submitting an application AND about auditioning. Note that our Winter Show holds opportunities for child actors -and both shows hold roles for youth (teen) Actors.

We will hold Fall Auditions in October 2011, and may hold Spring Auditions as well.

Information about Fall 2011 Audtions:

2011 Fall Auditions will be held on October 2 and on October 4 as follows:

WHERE:  Plymouth Church in central Des Moines, at 42nd and Ingersoll (one block north of Grand Avenue; a few blocks south of the 42nd street exit from I-235.) Room 304. Plenty of on street parking plus a very large parking garage.  Note that there are MANY DOORS into Plymouth and it is a VERY large structure.  Even if you are familiar with where Plymouth is, be sure to check the "Finding the Audition location" section below for wayfinding hints in terms of locating us in the building!


Sunday October 2 2011:  From 4-9 pm - - - with appointments taken, if neccessary, for auditions earlier in the day.

Tuesday, October 4 2011From 6-9 pm with appointments possible for auditions earlier in the day.

Call Backs:  To the degree needed, Call Backs will primarily take place on October 4 as above, and we appreciate your keeping your schedule open as much as possible for this.  But if neccessary, appointments for a Call Back can be made for later in the week or the following weekend. .


We DO ACCEPT WALK-INS and you do NOT neccessarily need an appointment to audition!  And, appointments are limited-  whle we offer some as a courtesy to those who are on a VERY tight schedule on an audition day, we cannot neccessarily offer an appointment to all applicants. 

However, when possible with Walk-ins, we do appreciate an RSVP before you come. Just let us know the date (and general hour) when you plan to join us.  Regarding appointments,  we do offer a few Appointments for auditions to those who specifically request them. 

Send your RSVP information (or request for an appointment) to Lorenzo_Sandoval@Hotmail.com and cc to : SandovalLorenzo@Gmail.com. You are welcome to ask questions in your emails,but please note that the rest of this page contains answers to FAQs plus many helpful hints (in green at the bottom) which you are strongly encouraged  to review first, as we are a small office unlikely to be able to respond personally to the large number of inquiries we often receive during an audition annoucement.

Walk-ins will be auditioned roughly in the order you arrive, although as applicable, we will work you in around those with a specific appointment.  Those without a specific apointment but who have RSVPed for the audition will also have priority.  Having said that, we also reserve the right to go a bit out of order so that we may see some of you read together.  All around, however, we promise to be respectful of your time.

Notes for returning cast:  If you have already been with one of our shows, and wish to be a part of the upcoming new shows, you do not neccessarily need to audition - simply let us know of your interest and availability via email as noted below under "Applications" (green section.) 

 However, having said that, it can be helpful for you to attend auditions if possible, especially if you want to try for a role different from the type of roles you've had with us in the past. 


During our 2011 early October auditions we will be seeking Cast and Crew for TWO different shows;  our Winter Holiday show, AND our Summer Shakesperience Festival show(s).   YOU MAY AUDITION FOR ROLES IN EITHER OR BOTH SHOWS, and yes! YOU MAY BE CAST FOR ROLES IN BOTH SHOWS. 

OCTOBER AUDITONS: Re 2011 Winter Holiday Show:

Our NEW Winter Holiday Show is scheduled with the bulk of show activities taking place from December 15-19, but there may be ancillary events such as "Lunch with the Characters" before or after those dates.  It is likely that there may be both matinees and evening performances.  Exact times and dates to be announced shortly.

SHOW A:  WINTER DICKENS.Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol"; original adaptation by Lorenzo Sandval, MFA (nationally-published playwright from the internationally-renowned Playwright's Workshop of the University of Iowa.)  This play reprises the highly acclaimed Heinemann-Sandoval Production of an earlier show (2005, 2006 and 2007) known as "Ebenezer and The Spirit of Giving" but will be produced this year under a different title (TBA) and with several revisions and some exciting additions. 

The show was explicitly commissioned by and written for Terrace Hill. The show is a one-of-a-kind event now being reprised directly under the auspices of the First Lady's interests, with the intent that this become an annual event as a gift to the people of Iowa. Although children and youth often attend this show and very much enjoy it, this is a sophisticated adult-oriented drama focused on the Ebenezer Scrooge story, told in classic fashion with rich, extraordinary production values.  Tickets are sold for this show, and each ticket includes a chance for audience to meet the Cast at a lavish "Cast Party" presentation of post-show treats and beverages, served in the splendor of the Mansion's dining room beatuifully bedecked for Christmas.  Note that in conjuction with the office of the First Lady or with other Terrace Hill associations, there may be various special events or "perks" held or offered in connection with this show, which Cast may be invited or expected to take part in. 

Traditionally, this show garners state-wide attention and draws a broad, regional audience.  We anticipate special state-wide press coverage this year.  Quite simply, this is a breathtakingly beautiful, genuinely moving show which presents the classic tale the way it was meant to be experienced.  Our Cast and Crew will create rare memories in this show-  if yout take part, you'll create priceless memories for your audiences as well as deeply unique memories for your career

DIRECTOR:  Lorenzo Sandoval, MFA

STAGE LOCATION:  The Iowa Governor's mansion, known as Terrace Hill, a stunning Victorian Hall that is a non-traditional space for theatre.  This play uses the best traditons of the genre of "Found Space Theatre" and takes place IN the salons, parlors and bedrooms of this historic property, with the audience, cast and crew moving from room to room; the set consisting of genuine antiques - - with the seating designed in a special way so that the audience experiences the play in a deeply intimate manner.   

OCTOBER AUDITIONS: Re 2011 Summer Shakesperience Festival Show: 

SHOW B:  SUMMER SHAKESPEARE.At the time of this writing, we have not yet decided exact show dates OR the full line-up for the 2012 Festival.  Show dates will be announced this Spring, but shows or other Festival activities such as Educational Workshops are likely to take place from June - August with the bulk of activites occuring in July.  (All involved with summer season WILL have a short break for the July 4 Holiday so that you can spend the Holiday with your family or friends.  Also, we can usually be flexible enough in the rehearsal schedule to arrange for other short absences from summer rehearsals as neccessary. ) 

At the time of this writing, we have not yet decided what we may offer in addition to the Mainstage show (below), as a Repertory and/or traveling show companion to the Mainstage.  Watch our homepage for more information about these decisions, which typically are the kind of thing we don't fully finalize until February or thereabouts. 

However, we can already announce the following information about Festival Season 2012:

MAINSTAGE SHOW: William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, done in full "traditonal Elizabethan" style with the infusion of traditionally-styled live music and dance authentic to the period. 

DIRECTOR:  Lorenzo Sandoval, MFA

MAINSTAGE LOCATION:  Beautiful Simon Estes Amphitheater on the downtown Des Moines Riverwalk.   



Driving to Plymouth:  Plymouth Church is located at 42nd and Ingersoll, one of  TWO very large red brick churches on 42nd Street between Ingersoll and Grand, a few blocks south of I-235 from the 42nd street exit.  Plymouth is the northernmost church on that block, attached to the large parking structure on the east.  Feel free to park anywhere (including in the garage or on the street) but this is a very large rambling building and it is VERY helpful to use the WEST DOORS which are off the "Half Circle Drive" directly off 42nd street.  The BEST place to park is ON the circle drive, where there are about 8 parking places

Finding us within PlymouthAgain, using the WEST DOORS (which are near the "Coffee Shop" - -so if you use another entry door, follow the signs to the coffee shop and then head for those west doors off the Half Circle Drive) go up the stairwell to the 3rd floor. FOLLOW THE SIGNS TO #304! Essentially,once you have ascended to the on the third floor, there are a few odd twists and turns in the hallway, but keep heading basically right off the stairs - and you will come to a long hall - proceed down the hall - we will be in a classroom there, Room 304.   We hope to have small signs posted - or breadcrumbs! Call Lorenzo at 554 3763 if you have difficulties


What if I’m not available to audition on either of the listed dates?

PRIOR TO OCTOBER 2nd, contact Iowa Shakespeare Experience at 515-274-8989 to schedule an alternate audition date.  We do not have many alternative dates available, but we may have some.  If you are interested in summer Shakespeare, we MAY have Spring auditions but that has not yet been determined, so a better bet is to send us your resume and headshot directly - use the directions in the "Green Section" below.   However, if at all possible, try to plan to make the October auditions, as we expect a LOT of decisions will be made at that time.

Why are auditions being held so early for the Romeo and Juliet production if it isn’t scheduled to open until summer of 2012?

Experience shows that many actors like to plan far in advance. Many already are making plans for summer vacations or are considering other theatrical opportunities that may take place during the summertime. 

Who will be conducting the auditions?

The director, producers and possibly other production personnel of both CHRISTMAS CAROL and ROMEO AND JULIET will conduct the auditions.

 Is there anything one needs to do or bring to prepare for the auditions?

Not neccessarily.  However, reading the book versions or a story synopsis of the Works in advance of the audition will be likely helpful. You may wish to prepare a reading based on materials you select from these works, for parts you are particularly interested in - and we would welcome that.  However, we will have Sides and Script sections on hand that we may also have you read, and your own prepared material is not a neccessity at all. 

Also, since some roles will require actors to sing, we do ask that people who have any comfort level in singing at all go ahead prepare a brief song - it needn't be anything more than "Row row row your Boat!" Or as the Bard might say:  "Roweth, roweth, roweth thy craft! Again, you need not feel  you are a "lead" singer, but if you can imagine yourself in a chorus or other musical capacity, we DO want to hear you present a few bars. Adding a bit of movement enhancement to your song (or MINOR choreography during the song) is VERY helpful, if you can go in that direction easily without having to invest too much time in preparation.  Note that songs will be done a capella since an accompanist will not be present at the auditions. You are also welcome to bring background music- but we may STILL ask to hear you a capella. 

 Are any special skills required?

Previous theatre experience and basic acting, singing, and dancing skills are strongly preferred but not neccessarily required, especially for children's or teen roles. Some of the roles do not require much singing, or none- while by contrast other roles will require singing in a very specific character voice.  Regarding dance, many or our roles will not require any or much dance movement at all - but others will, and we do have a choreographed closing sequence (bergamask) to all Shakespeare comedies where you will move at least a little bit.  But you need not be a professional dancer - when that level of movement is required in the show, we will work with professionals.  However, in terms of movement, we do seek a basic competence with presence  - -a basic comfort level with basic movement.   And,  with the ISE, off-stage team-spirit and a positive, helpful attitude are standard expectations, if you wish us to consider your work with us a success.

Speaking of singing, what type of tech support will Actors have during the shows?  Do you use amplified sound? 

We ALWAYS use amplified sound (headset mics, possibly some lavs) for our outdoor showsor for most traditional stages - - and almost NEVER use amplified sound for our Terrace Hill presentations or other intimate "found space" indoor shows (that would be too jarring in the old, period rooms - those rooms don't need amplified sound and realism is lost when it is brought in.)  We vary between using live and recorded music, but we typically lean towards live music.  The Terrace Hill show is likely to have a pianist, and we have all sorts of exciting plans and visions for the Romeo and Juliet musical components, which again will be authentic to the Elizabethan period.  Both shows use special effect lighting, but the Terrace Hill show uses it only in very subtle ways.

 May I see the scripts and music in advance of the auditions?

Sides are available by e-mailing a request to Lorenzo_Sandoval@Hotmail.com CC to  SandovalLorenzo@Gmail.com.  However, both of these 2011 shows are produced very traditionally, so general scripts are readily available for these popular works - while we inject a terrific few surprises (of course!) and great original dialogue, you will not find the nature of the Scripts to that much at variance from the commonly-available versions. For that matter, as an innovative yet classically-oriented theatre company, even our most innovative shows virtually always are comprised of about 80% or more of work from the original Shakespeare (or other classic author), so again, you can't go too far wrong working with the basic (and readily-available) classic texts.  Helpful hint:  when working with Shakespeare, try googling or otherwise obtaining material from No Fear Shakespeare. 

How many people will be cast? What type of actors are you looking for?

For CHRISTMAS CAROL 16-20 people will be cast, depending on whether or not we take some roles into the direction of double-casting. Characters range in age from 8 years old to mid-60s. There are parts for people of color, and roles are split fairly evenly between men and women. Characters will not necessarily be cast according to the original gender or ethnicity noted in the original Dickens.

For ROMEO AND JULIET, 8-10 people will be cast. Ages 17+ (will consider 16 years olds for some roles), with color-blind casting policies and gender-blind casting as these choices may further the play. 

I have several pre-existing conflicts during the rehearsal period and may have a conflict with one or more of the performance dates. Will this prevent me from being cast?

Conflicts will not necessarily prevent persons from being cast. PLEASE BE SURE TO WRITE IN MAJOR CONFLICTS ON THE AUDITION FORM. We are almost always able to build flexibility into rehearsal schedules -especially if it is early in the rehearsal process or involves a single odd date here or there.  Even a single odd date or two quite late in the run is likely to be workable. Issues with a performance date are of course much more problematic, but in (extremely) rare cases, we can sometimes schedule things like Repertory shows to work around a key performance date issue. However, our best bet to try to work out conflicts is if we know about them well in advance of critical rehearsal, promotional and production dates.

I’d like to audition for some other area plays in the next year. What other local productions would the rehearsal and performance schedule for CHRISTMAS CAROL and ROMEO AND JULIET conflict with?

CHRISTMAS CAROL does not conflict with any of the following productions: THE PRODUCERS at the Des Moines Playhouse; LADY DAY AT EMERSON’S BAR AND GRILL and HEDWIG AND THE  ANGRY INCH at StageWest; and MEN OF STEEL at The Des Moines Social Club.

Some of the shows that you would NOT be able to participate in should you accept a role in CHRISTMAS CAROL are: CAUCUS THE MUSICAL. THE SOUND OF MUSIC, TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, and JULIE B. IN JINGLE BELLS, BATMAN SMELLS at the Des Moines Playhouse; PARADE and NEXT FALL at StageWest; LOVE’S LABOUR’S LOST and A CHRISTMAS CAROL at ISU Theatre; the RTI Holiday Show, and the fall show at Tallgrass Theatre Company. Additionally, THE 39 STEPS at the Des Moines Playhouse and the fall musical at Drake University have some overlap with the CHRISTMAS CAROL rehearsal schedule, but those conflicts will be considered on an individual basis. 

At this time, complete theatre schedules for summer may not fully be announced by all players, nor, of course, do we ourselves know our own exact performance dates for this show.  However, the production schedule for ROMEO AND JULIET may conflict with the production schedule of Des Moines Playhouse’s MOONLIGHT AND MAGNOLIAS and StageWest’s THE DIVINE SISTER.

 What will be required of me if I'm cast in either or both productions?

You will be required to attend all regular rehearsals at the scheduled starting time – any known conflicts must be noted on your conflict form. You will be required to learn all lines, songs, dances, blocking, etc. for your assigned role as instructed by the director, vocal director and choreographer. Your will be required to learn all closing or opening choreography or musical sequences. 

You will be required to perform in all regularly-scheduled performances AND scheduled "weather dates" ("rain" dates or snow days) unless you request and are granted an excused absence BEFORE accepting a role.   Note that due to various elements inherent in non-traditional space theatre, our call-time is likely to be a bit earlier than you may be used to - we often call about 2 hours or more prior to show time.  However, we make sure food and rest time is available to you. 

You will be required to assist with Strike duties that are usual, typical and appropriate for the performance venue and for the genre of Found Space and/our outdoor theatre.  Note that while we produce in premiere performance venues, we specialize in unique and uniquely memorable theatre.  Thus, our venues are often non-traditional venues for theatre, and the Strike process will be non-traditional as well - - but not unreasonable.  Work may sometimes be a bit stressful in the sense that some of it is outdoors and sometimes (not always!) performed in hot conditions, but there is no requirement for heavy lifting or for overly-lengthy strikes or really, for anything out of the typical norm for the genre of outdoor theatre.  For example, we use golf carts and other devices so that you will not have to overly strain when you assist with outdoor strike. THE BOTTOM LINE: Know that we use guidelines for Work, Strike, and Set Up that are traditional and proven and standard in the genre all across America, as routinely implemented by numerous other outdoor, traveling, or Found Space theatre companies. 

How and when will I be notified if I have been cast?

You will receive a phone call if a specific role is being offered to you. MAKE SURE WE HAVE A NUMBER WHERE YOU CAN EASILY BE REACHED!

It is hard to say when the timing of calls will occur due to any number of factors.  Feel free to follow up by email if you have not heard anything by around the 2 week mark.  We want to complete the casting no later than a week to 10 days after the completion of auditions, but realistically, more time may be necessary to firm up every detail. Once all roles have been offered and accepted, the cast lists will also be posted on the Iowa Shakespeare website (IowaShakespeare.com) ON THIS AUDITION PAGE.  Our Homepage will likely also make note when a show has been cast - and we will often "brag" about you there!. 

When will rehearsals begin? Where do they take place?

We anticipate that rehearsals will begin on or near October 15.  [Note that you WILL have short break over Thanksgiving weekend in order to be with your families. ] We will announce the location for rehearsals along with the full schedule (see below) - rehearsals with the ISE almost always take place in a central Des Moines location (in or near the downtown or Ingersoll area)  and certainly, some rehearsals - perhaps many rehearsals- will take place AT Terrace Hill, which is located just west of downtown near 28th and Grand Avenue. 

When will we see a rehearsal schedule?

A finalized schedule will be based upon the conflicts given to us on the audition forms. We hope to craft the schedule within 10 days of casting; this will be sent out by email to all involved in the productions.  You can  expect a typical rehearsal schedule - with practice initially taking place about 3 nights a week for a couple of hours  (more for lead roles, less for lighter roles) and with practices increasing in frequency and length the closer we arrive to show time

We also implement a traditional "Tech Week" schedule the week before the show which is a keenly important time for ALL Cast and Crew to be present, and which, as it involves Dress Rehearsal, is likely to require near-nightly attendance.  (Tech week is often preceded by a preliminary Tech weekend where various disparate elements of the show - such as dance and live music back up - intensively come together with the entire cast - - prior to Tech Week proper.)

However, for the most part, since we schedule based on the individual conflicts and work-schedules of the majority, most rehearsals tend to take place at a time when they are convenient for the majority, be that weekday evenings, weekend days, or whatnot.  For those who have significant trouble with a schedule, we DO need you to be present for a reasonable amount of group rehearsal time, but IF you clearly notify us in advance about issues (starting with discussing potential issues with us during the audition process) we can sometimes schedule individual work with the Director to assist you in making schedules mesh.

How much are the stipends which attach to these roles?

A Stipend is a very unique form of pay. The ISE stipend system is described much more fully on our webpage entitled "General Casting, Audition, HR and Artist" information under the "EMPLOYMENT, INTERNSHIP, CASTING AND ACTOR SUPPORT" section of our Site Menu.  There, we clearly point out the difference between a Stipend and what many would call "a Paycheck"- a Stipend is a professional Honorarium provided as a courteous token of professional thanks, and while it attaches to a professional job, it is NOT intended to be a primary living wage in many if not most cases.  Currently and unfortunately, with a few exceptions, the Des Moines market is generally unable to provide a full living wage in the arts to many of its local Artists.

However, with all that said, the ISE individually determines our stipends based on size of role/line count and skill set (ie is singing involved?) plus experience, qualifications, and your history with our organization.  In some shows, begining actors with us recieve no stipend or only a truly token amount, while longtime Artists with us -or with other unique qualities- may receive well upwards of $1,000.  A typical range is $200 -$800.  And, we can often increase the total amount of stipend pay that an individual person will receive by creating a compensation package that includes extra optional stipend opportunities, such as stipended opportunities with an educational workshop that may accompany our show.   Bottom line is that we will individually work out a stipend and/or stipend package for for and for your role.

But regarding the issue of stipends, we cannot stress enough that just as each Artist is unique, so is each show.  ISE ticketed shows will somtimes utilize a shared-gate approach to Artist honorarium, other shows may be provided to the community as a donation on all of our parts.  And, keep in mind that these are tough times for the arts - all of us are feeling the pinch right now, and ISE is a conservative agency that plans for the long haul.  To serve our mission for which we receive public funding, we must always ensure the stability of our non-profit. So as needed, we won't hesitate to adjust our stipends to the market -downward if neccessary.   On the flipside, we also adjust stipends upwards if our current level of fundraising allows, or as new grants, underwriting, or major donations come in!   

The final word on the subject of professional stipends is this.  A lead priority of the ISE Board of Directors is to create a fair and reasonable system for Artist and Staff compensation which is conservative enough to safeguard our ability to fulfill our mission and to allow for agency maintenance and growth - -yet at a rate as respectful as possible to those who provide professional services to us, and to the rest of the community through us.   It boils down to WHY you, as an Artist, do what you do!


(FOR ADDITONAL INFORMATION, CONTACT LORENZO SANDOVAL at Lorenzo_Sandoval@Hotmail.com and CC to SandovalLorenzo@Gmail.com. OR ROBIN HEINEMANN BY EMAIL AT RobinHeinemann.Pres@Gmail.com.   FOR QUESTIONS OR ISSUES ON THE DAY OF THE AUDITION, DO NOT EMAIL. INSTEAD, PHONE US AT 515.274,8989 (preferably in advance of auditon time) OR try us via Lorenzo's cell at 554 3763.  Note: Even if you leave a message on the cell phone, DO keep calling back, as we may not frequenly check our messages during the Audition process. )


 When no current audition information is posted...




The ISE does not neccessarily hold a new audition each year: instead, because we offer audition-less opportunities to those who have done successful work for us in the past, we hold auditions based on needs.  

However, the ISE almost always has at least one or two talent and crew openings each season, sometimes more - -and we are always glad to review resumes and to answer inquiries about current or upcoming opportunities.

Keep in mind that since we offer new opportunities first to those who have successfully been with us in past efforts, one of the most effective ways to secure positions with the ISE is to simply come aboard in one of our shows as a Volunteer or possibly in an Intern capacity.  We can customize those types of roles to your interests and this gives each of us a chance to get to know one another. 

So, feel free to inquire about Volunteer and Intern opportunities in addition to submitting your resume for a formal Cast or Crew position.

HOW TO SUBMIT A RESUME: To submit resumes, send a short cover email (content ideas below) to the address below, and attach a Resume - a Headshot is not required but is extremely helpful. 

Per our openings and your suitability, we will contact you to arrange for a reading.

TIMING - WHEN TO SUBMIT A RESUMEFor our summer Shakespeare Festival, we most actively seek out talent (and review resumes) from December to February each year, with some needs still existing in March.  It is highly reccommended that you send your inquiries during that timeframe, or, if you have sent an earlier inquiry, that you FOLLOW UP with us during that time! We do put stock into those who are motivated enough to follow up!


Send a Cover Email (see below), with a Resume Attachment (and headshot if possible) to:

RobinHeinemann.Pres@Gmail.com WITH A CC TO: Lorenzo_Sandoval@Hotmail.com AND SandovalLorenzo@Gmail.com. .  (Be sure to watch for those pesky "dots" and "underscore" marks.


In your cover email, which may be brief, it is ALWAYS helpful if you include the following information:

A.) YOUR LOCATION:  In today's world of the internet, we literally receive casting inquiries from all over the world- one came in from China just the other day!  We DO sometimes have the ability to place out-of-town talent, and even work with international programs - perhaps in partnership with some of our local international placement agencies.  However, to be effective in working with you, we DO need to know where you call "homebase".  If you do NOT live within frequent commuting distance of Des Moines, your Cover Email should  CLEARLY state how you intend to be present here - will you need housing assistance or do you plan to stay with friends or relatives?  What type of housing do you need - are you comfortable with Camping or hostels or do you have other requirements?

B.)  RANGE OF YOUR SKILL SETS:  RE ARTISTIC TALENTS -The ISE often, but not always, mixes in singing and.or light dance or movement into many of our pieces.  The inability to sing or move is not neccessarily a deal-breaker at all, but it is ALMOST ALWAYS a PLUS if you note in your cover message whether or not you have any skills (or experience!) with singing or dance or musical instruments on stage.  If your resume is not particularly geared to musical talents, you do NOT have to re-write it - just let us know in the Cover Message of any talents or experience you have in these areas.  Note that these need not be "Leading Lady" or "Leading Man" level musical or dance talents to be of interest to us- perhaps you sing at the "Chorus" level - or just in the shower - just let us know that!

C.)  RANGE OF YOUR SKILL SETS:  RE CREW TALENTSIf  you are applying for a role with our Crew, be sure to let us know of any additional off or on stage talents or EXPERIENCEyou may have.  Sometimes, we create crew positions which have options for additional stipends that relate to our understudy needs.  Sometimes, we create non-traditional crew positions where you may be asked to perform work in multiple different areas of the back stage or even the front of the house. 


  • There are many other areas on this website where you can find information about the ISE and about our hiring practives.  There, it will be clear that right now, we are a relatively new non-profit with an extremely limited ability to provide fully paid compensation.  Instead, we compensate cast and crew with a unique combination of Perks and Cash Stipends.  It can be helpful to let us know your expectations or needs for any "cash stipend" oayment upfront.  This saves us both time- and lets us know if you are detail oriented enough to have read about our organizaiton before trying to contact us! 
  • Although the ISE occaisionally performs in a traditional theatre space, our specialty is the production of Outdoor Theatre and Found Space theatre in historic spaces.  Needless to say, these are both very VERY different types of theatre from a Traditional Stage environmrnt where you have green room, controlled temperatures, and a different approach to Strike.  If you have had successful prior experience with either Outdoor Theatre OR Found Space theatre, or any other form of creative, non-traditional theatre, please be sure to let us know!
  • Keep in mind we are a SMALL non-profit with a VERY small staff.  DO NOT read disinterest into any dely in a reply to your inquiry. We generally do try to answer inquiries as soon as possible, but from time to time we do get a large volume of mail and it IS possible that despite our best intentions, your message may have temporarily fallen into a crack.  DO FEEL FREE to get in touch with us again to follow up.- Persistance is a great quality, and we DO pay attention when it is evident people have persistence and stick-to-it-tiveness!
  • Be particularly persistent during the timeframes indicated above (December-March) when we are most often seeking to fill positions!

Notes for Returning Cast and Crew Members:  If you have already been with us successfully in a show, just drop us an email advising of your current interests- you do NOT have to resend resume or headshot unless there have been major changes or updates in either!  However, do take a look-see at the "Helpful Hints" and notes for applicants who are living beyond the commute area, just in case those items apply to you.  Hope to see you again soon!