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WE ARE AN ALL-VOLUNTEER INITIATIVE!  Help us grow: Take our Festival Evaluation Survey!  

YOUR CHOICE: To provide feedback, based on how much time you wish to devote to our initiative, CHOOSE 1 of 4 simple ways to pass information to us:

  1. ONE or TWO QUICK COMMENTS: Send an email to and tell us something specific that you feel it is important for us to know.  Remember: it is just as important for us to know what you liked as where we need to improve!  (Know that we will try to answer you when we can, but we are a 100% volunteer office and in order to keep the festival free, we lack the type of staffing needed for personal replies!)
  2. SIMPLE: For an even more helpful level of feedback, fill out our EASY interactive Feedback form on this page, immediately below.  Every question invites you to provide important information that helps us retain and get grant or sponsor funding to keep Shakespeare free!
  3. DETAILED INFORMATION: Want to be thorough and particularly helpful? Go to our Evaluation section and download one the more detailed Evaluation forms you can find there. These forms invite you to answer the detailed questions we explore with focus groups. Fill out a form of your choice and snail mail it to us at 669 20th Street, Des Moines, Iowa 50314. 
  4. BY HAND: Not a fan of computers or on-line communication? Drop a note to us in the Bard Basket or at the Festival Gate.  Or, use the convenient 1-page Tear Sheet from your Festival program: simply fill it out and put it in the Basket OR snail mail it to us at 669 20th Street, Des Moines, Iowa 50314.


Interactive Shakesperience ™ Festival 

Feedback Form 



Since volunteers put SO much effort into this initiative all year long, your opinion is very important to the Festival!

 By taking a few minutes to provide your opinion, you can help us grow.
Please tell us what you think using this convenient form. 

Simply fill out the answers to the 16 questions below.  It is most helpful if you fill out ALL the questions. 

Time Factor:

Filling out the form is quick - estimated time to fill out entire form: Less than 5 minutes. 

However, you may skip or simply stop when you wish, and hit send.  

Easy options: 

Most questions involve simply hitting a button – very easy. However, if you wish, there are also several places where you may tell us feedback in your own words, especially at the end of the form.

Thank you! 

 Good or Great
 Good or Great
 Good or Great
 Good or Great
 I am new to Shakespeare
 I have had some prior exposure to Shakespeare
 I have had a lot of prior exposure to Shakespeare or have some level of expertise with Shakespeare
 I enjoy Shakespeare
 I want to learn more about Shakespeare
 I enjoy theatre
 I enjoy the atmosphere-picnicking, being along the river, being under the stars
 I enjoy the chance to spend time out with my family or friends
 I like participating in this kind of annual event in our community
 The Festival is affordable
 The ease of parking or generally, the convenience of the location
 I look forward to the Festival each year, and actively watch for or seek out information about the Festival
 Newsletter announcement
 Direct mail to my home or office
 E-mail notice
 The Festival's website
 Another website
 Radio or television
 I picked up a bookmark and/or flyer
 Information was sent home from school or library workshop
 Somebody informally talked to me about the festival
 I heard a presentation about the festival
 I am a current Board member or employee of a sponsoring organization
 Other (Please Specify)
 Less than 30
 30 - 60 miles
 60 - 90 miles
 90 or more
 More than 200 miles
 Purchased picnic supplies or other items related to attending the festival
 Engaged in a shopping (OR WINDOW SHOPPING) expedition associated with my visit to the festival

 Patronized café, restaurant or tavern in association with my visit to the Festival
 Stayed in hotel/motel or Bed and Breakfast in association with my visit to the Festival

 Stayed in a local campground in association with my visit to the Festival

 Visited another cultural or educational attraction in association with my visit to the Festival (ie: An art gallery, a museum, or saw another concert, play or show, a college or school or library)

 Visited another non-cultural, non-shopping area attraction in association with my visit to the Festival (ie Adventureland, a park, an area sports area or facility
 Nearby “Historic East Village” location (same side of River as Festival)
 Historic Court Avenue or other downtown location (other side of River from Festival)
 In Historic Valley Junction
 Other location in the Des Moines suburbs
In or near a Des Moines area Mall
Stopped enroute outside of Des Moines while driving to Des Moines

 I Plan to stop enroute outside of Des Moines while driving home

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