Need a bit of Royal Elegance or the Jester's own Merriment?  Make yours a Shakesperience!

Did you know that the rhythm of Shakespearean iambic pentameter is exactly the rythym of the human heart? 

Did you know that Rennaissance, Tudor or other types of historically-flavored weddings are one of the hottest trends around in wedding design? 

Did you know there are great dedicated shops where you can purchase Royal, Rennaissance or Midsummer Fairy specialty wedding gowns (ranging from the festively affordable to the luxuriously handmade!).  Not to mention lush, festive wear for the attendants, handsome finery for the groom - with our costumes and costume resources, you can even get your family and friends into the Act! 

No wonder in our very first season, we had a wedding "break out" on our Festival grounds- almost even before we opened our very first show! 

An ISE-assistend Shakespearean or Rennaissance/historical wedding can be THE perfect way to host an affordable yet original and memorable wedding.  We specialize in creating events custom tailored to all levels of budget. 

There are several ways to involve the ISE as a small part of your special day- or to let the ISE handle it all for you, Fairy-tale style!

First, you can come to us!  We have the capacity to help you host an intimate, small or mid-sized wedding, engagement or betrothal party directly on site at our Summer Festival - why NOT treat your guests to a wedding picnic dinner AND a show!  We can even make sure your wedding party has a entirely private night at the Festival - -and its own private showing of our mainstage show! 

Tented- or right along the river under the open sky! 

Or how about a torch-lit surprise wedding ceremony that "spontaneously breaks out" as the midnight hour approaches - say, right after a breathtaking performance of "Romeo and Juliet".  Talk about Much Ado about Something!

And don't forget an on-stage wedding dance!  Think our professional sound system, fog machines and beautiful lighting created magical effects for the show? Wait until you and your party "take the stage" to dance the night away!  "The King doth keep his Revels here tonight!"  (And of course we have all the musical selection you could want- from recorded classical music to our history of working with some of the best live bands in town!)

Alternatively, we can come to you! For any affair from the intimate to the spectacular, we can bring the Rennaissance, a magical moonlit fairy-laden night, or all the pathos of Romeo and Juliet directly to your own special church or reception site!

Our capacity to add those special touches abounds- whether you seek an elegant affair complete with a rich seranade to the bridal couple ...or a reading of some of the most beautiful love poetry and sonnets of all time - - - or perhaps a more casual, lighthearted merry romp with surprise appearances by some of the world's most famous romantic personalities, Court Jesters, or Kings or Queens!

Dreamed of exiting the aisle under an impressive arch of drawn swords- or having your own Ladies in Waiting or Tiara crown?  You have come to right place for all the imagination (and props!) required.  Or for simple, earthy tastes, a riverside afternoon with simple Rennaissance flowers in the hair of your handmaidens could not be lovlier or more affordable! 

And, do you want a nationally-published playwright to help you write vows in iambic or the language of the sonnets?  Yes- we just happen to have one with quill pen at the ready- right on staff!  (Amazing idea: Commision us to compose a play or play-ette completely written for you and for your special affair!)

EXPERTISE ABOUNDS: The ISE has an experienced special event planner right on staff - -but also works with some of the best local wedding planners in the business.  We can immediately put you in touch with the area's premiere florists and event designers, most trustworthy rental companies, and most well-respected caterers, chefs and wine authorities.   Caligraphers and invitations?  Nothing is as lovely as Shakespearean or Rennaissance script. 

And of course our central location (complete with free parking!) creates extraordinarily convenient access from anywhere in the state, in the midwest - - or just in the city - - not to mention wonderful convenience in hotel, bed and breakfast, and suites accommodations! 

Remember: When it comes to weddings and other special events, the ISE has more freedom than the standard Rennassance Fair (which often must conform to historical re-enactment guidelines).  Ring up the horn or send over your page- and tell us what mi-lady and mi-lord have in mind!