There is nothing like a Shakespearean Actor when it comes to teaching staff absolute mastery of presentational skills related to public speaking, the presentation of a legal argument, or persuasive selling.  


Moreover, the ISE has such a unique and engaging teaching style that we stand out amongst less memorable training- and are that much more apt to stick with our trainees.  We are certified in multiple approaches to working with the unique needs of adult learners, too.


From time to time, we may have more information posted on the corporate and institutional training classes listed below”


  •  Theatre skills for public speaking
  •  Theatre skills for lawyers, 


Other unique and research-based programs to enhance team communications”

ISE staff are certified to teach the following communication strategies:



-Kettinger (the problem behind the problem)

- Transactional Analysis – an oldie but one of THE simplest and best effective communications strategies ever devised! 

-Wide variety of Diversity Training curriculum 


Especially for local agencies, we are often more affordable than other trainers, simply because we live here – and also because we are starving artists raising funds for a non-profit cause- so our services are priced for win-win all around. 


Our services make an excellent resource for your corporate training needs.