ISE Special series

“Heaven hath a hand in these events!”

 Richard Two, Act 5, Scene

The ISE conducts a wide variety of special series of shows and events throughout the year. Watch our newsletter (be sure to sign up!), snail-mailings (and this website) for more information on the following terrific runs:

ISE’s Sunday Afternoon With Friends:

A favorite of our fun-loving and friendly Bard Bunch, this delightful series pulls in those new to Shakespeare along with old time fans, to enjoy treats both artistic, culinary and from the vineyard- in lovely, amazing private homes that themselves are a treat to enjoy.  

Upon the coming of fine weather, our “pool” party component of this series is in particular especially looked forward to – as we gather around some of the Metro’s prettiest pools to “pool” our resources! 


ISE’s Legends of The Iowa Shakespeare Stage:

An extraordinary series we are kicking off as the prelude to Season 2010 – but a series featuring terrific performances that will continue through 2011 - - - with a (currently super secret Hush Hush) bang up surprise at the end!  

You will NOT want to miss this one, folks, as the ISE brings true legends from all across the area in to provide performances from some of the most lauded and legendary specifically Shakespearean actors of our Region.  

See the Iowa-bred legendary acting talent who can hold you in the palm of their hand- several of whom no longer are often seen on local area stages! 

Shakespeare in the Skywalks ™:  

The ISE continues our remarkable tradition of pioneering “Found Space” theatre in challenging but exhilarating new spaces!  Watch for more information!  


Our Trademarked series of edgy, “fringe-fest” Shakespeare – as only the ISE can do it!  We pick up where our forerunner, Shakespeare-on-the-Loose, left off! 

Shakesperiencia! ™

Shakesperiencia is the name of our lauded Shakespeare in Spanish series – one of the most unique programs the ISE offers.  This is a terrifically exciting initiative through which the ISE is already capturing national attention and accolades!  

Under the direction of our Artistic Director, Lorenzo Sandoval -one of the leading minority artists in the stage of Iowa - we can provide a variety of options to supplement programs with Spanish translation, Spanish infusion, or Spanish highlighting and underscoring.  

Contact us at  for more information.