"Thou art as wise as thou art beautiful"
Mid N Dr, Act iii, Sc.1

Pritthee: Volunteer!


Here at the ISE, 

people tell us all the time: 


You guys do great work 

and have such fun doing it!” 


“I would like to be a Volunteer for 

The Iowa Shakespeare Experience!”


Are you one of this special group of folks? Ready to have fun while making a genuine difference?  Wanna score free VIP seats, be invited to Cast Parties, and get other great Festival perks? 


We are a tiny two person office, so we take Voluntarism seriously!  


Reliable volunteers are vital supporting players and an integral part of our team!  


Fill out the following information to help us get you started!  


Simply copy, cut and paste into an email and send to: Robin@IowaShakespeare.org

(Or contact us at 515 274 8989 with any questions or to talk through volunteer opportunities!) 




City and Zip:

Home phone

Work phone

Cell phone

Where do you prefer to be called?

Email address:

Spouse/Significant other name:

Where do you work?

Have you been a Volunteer with the ISE before?

If Yes, how many shows?      How many years?

Have you been a theatre Volunteer before?

If yes, please tell us a little about that, below.





Theatre opportunities:

___Pre-show acts (juggling, clowns, buskers of all types)


___Street theatre


___Singing/Strolling pre-show musician

___Other music

___Costume Design

___Costume Crew

___Hair and Makeup Crew

___Build/Paint Set



___Stage Manage

___Props Master

___Working with camps or other youth programs

___Helping start an adult Shakespeare Performance Club

OTHER: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________


Festival opportunities:

___Associate Festival Manager

___Associate Backstage Manager


___Bard Booth (Merchandising)

___Office and Administration

___House manager


___Festival set up

___Festival tear down (Includes SRIKE PARTY!)

___T-shirt design

___Poster design

ANY SPECIFIC INTEREST WE MISSED? :_____________________________________________


Special events, parties and fundraising:

___Work on party committees

___I’d like to host a special event, party or fundraising dinner in my home or elsewhere

___Assistance with grants

___Assistance with administration

___Assistance with volunteer recognition

___Assistance with donor recognition

OTHER: _____________________________ 


___I would like to assume a key, leadership role 

  •  Benefits: helps build resumes, helps prepare for professional work or internships or study, or just exercises genuine leadership talents in a deeply meaningful, impactful way, terrific way to form a meaningful relationship with those in the theatre and festival biz

___I would like to assume an assistant leadership role

  •  Benefits:  Gets your feet wet in the exciting world of theatre and festivals, can lead in many directions including those listed above, get to know a few folks in this world!

___I would like to take a more casual role

  •  Very flexible time commitment, gives a taste of all that the world of theatre and festivals offer



Time of Year/Days/Hours you are most available:

Time of Year/Days/Hours you are NOT available:


Finally, if you like, tell us a little about any prior theatre or Festival experience!  You do NOT need prior experience to volunteer with us, but we would like to hear about it if you have it!  Knowng a bit more about who you are will help us ensure you have as excellent a volunteer experience with us as possible!