Below you will find an amazing full length slide show (with music soundtrack) which presents highlights from our hit play of 2012:  ISE's Romeo and Juliet, starring Janae Hohbein and Nick Toussaint.  Janae and Nick are joined by a host of the region's finest actors - -and there is a full and detailed credit section with photo outtakes at the end of the show.  This is truly a stunning slide show which begs about 25 minutes of your time to relax and savor.  The music is the sizzling soundtrack from the live show about which Des Moines Register Arts Reviewer Mike Morrain noted: Director Lorenzo Sandoval's music added "a touch of cinematic weight" to the hit show which (said Reviewer Bruce Carr "earned nightly standing ovatons" from record crowds of nearly 900 on some nights.  ISE's are some of the largest crowds for locally produced theatre in the Metro - and this doozy of a slide show helps explain why! 

Enormous thanks to all the various fan photographers who submitted work for this show, including Sally and Josiah, to whom we are greatly indebted -- and especially to the extraordinary Ava Rogers and Matt Wiggins of Matt Wiggins Entertainment.  Thanks also to Anna Sundstrom, a key  slide show producer.  The show is top notch - enjoy!


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3.  The next page will give you an option of downloading an ad (ie for a pdf, which you do not "have" to do unless you wish that) OR clicking again on the Smilebox icon to download the slide show.  Click on the Smilebox icon.

4.  Most of the time, the download goes very quickly.  However, if your computer is running slow, you might need to allow about 3-5 minutes for the download to take place.  It will be worth it!  There are fully 445 slides in this show, with gorgeous music!

5.  At the end of the slide show, the slides (at number 445) will fade out until the moonscape background (still will remain visible) is near black, but the music will NOT stop until you click out of the slideshow itself. 

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