"I'll note you in my book of memory"
(Henry VI, Act ii, Sc.4)




The Iowa Shakespeare Experience Work Samples

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Watch these pages for:

Scenes from Shakesperience Festival 


Repertory Mainstage Productions 2009 and 2010

Other Heinemann-Sandoval Productions 1999-2008


Scenes from Jim Collier’s Inaugural Seasons


The Irma Hughes 2009 Players 


Shakesperience Fest!


“All the world 's a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances; 

And one man in his time plays many parts"




Creating documentation of theatre projects

can be quite an expensive proposition - - and were it not for voluntarism, 

an enterprise that would otherwise be far 

beyond the financial reach of our small nonprofit.


So: Note that the majority of our documentation materials were produced entirely by volunteers, typically using amateur equipmentVolunteers had to navigate many challenges.  They had to maneuver on uneven ground in the dark, and in such as way as to not obstruct live audience views (for example, through bushes!).  Also, the outdoor setting inherently means there will be many insect or other ambient sounds and lighting and sound challenges.  


Additionally, those professionals such as Munoz Productions (Dave and Margie Munoz) and Northstar Photography (Bill Gentsch), Millie Knee and the many other pros who have donated professional services to us did so from the depths of their generosity- and tho their generosity was never on a shoestring, often the hard-cost budget they had to work with was.  


We are deeply grateful to all of these kind, community-minded folks for their assistance – and especially grateful to lead documentary volunteers such as Eric Bench, Elvin McDonald. 


So while in most cases you will nevertheless see EXCELLENT quality media material (– astonishingly so!) please be respectfully aware of these extenuating circumstances - -we humbly request your full forgiveness of the occasional flaw.