ISE Awards

In the first half decade of our existence, ISE has already amassed a number of quite prestigious awards both regionally and across the state. In fact, our record wth some of these awards is so notable as to be fairly "record-holding" in and of itself:  as for example, our history of winning fully four State of Iowa "Top Ten" Arts awards - - in and of itself, something of a record beater... all the more so when it is considered that ISE won this number of stringently competitive Arts Awards in merely the first four years of our existence!

So we are always happy to stand upon our record.

But what we really like about our record is explicitly the reasons these particular Awards listed below are given out. 

You see, ISE has won multiple smaller awards not listed below, all distributed for various reasons and all of which we are deeply thankful for.

However, distinguishing all the awards below to various degrees from other types of local, county or regional awards, all of the Awards listed below reflect a particular combination of artistic excellence AND the ability and result of causing measurable change in the community in terms of desirable social outcomes which ISE projects create and foster. 

We couldn't be more proud - check out our list of Awards to date, and join us in a rousing "Huzzah" to the casts, crews, staff, Board members and ISE Founders who've made this happen!


in addition to numerous other awards and recognition not listed here..

ISE has won 16 Arts Awards to date



"Top Ten" Awards from the State of Iowa:

2008-2012: 4 Awards in stringently competive state-wide competion (Typically only the Top Ten projects across the entire state are awarded in any given year... these awards are determined by intensive review of an applicant and project by bona fide arts expert jurors selected neutrally from regions all across the entire state.)

Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs: 2 awards

These are the largest awards available in the state, given for the measurable ability to harness excellence in the arts to the creation of desirable social or community change outcomes as determined by the Iowa Legislature and the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs, particularly in Tourism and Job Development.

Iowa Arts Council: 2 awards

These awards are given solely for highest excellence in an art form across the State of Iowa. Typically a winner must place in the "Top Ten" of all applicants from across all regions of the state. 


Bravo Awards from Metro Des Moines's Regional Arts Council:

2007 - 2013:  10 Awards in regional competition

As determined and distributed by representatives of the business, political and artistic communities of Greater Des Moines, a host of factors go into determining the recipients of these awards: ranging from excellence to the creation of desirable social outcomes including such factors as agency reputation, sustainability, and relationship of the awardee to meeting community need.


Additional Awards to our Staff:


Iowa Arts Council Arts in Community Award (Des Moines Public Art Task Force, Robin Heinemann, Founding Chair)

This is one of the single most prestigious Arts Awards in existence in the State of Iowa: a non-monetary award given for using the arts to foster extraordinary outcomes in community.



Iowa Prairie Playwright Awards (5 successive Awards! to Lorenzo Sandoval, MFA - still the top Award and record-holding Recipient in this series!)

Iowa's Wild Rose Film Festival:

Distinctive Achievement Award in Acting:  Lorenzo Sandoval

Distinctive Achievement Award in Iowa Small Films:

"Trying to Quit", starring Lorenzo Sandoval and Candace Rose

Patricia Roberts Harris Award: To Lorenzo Sandoval, one of less than a scant 100 of these awards given nationally in any given year to recipients of merit and likelihood to create Artistic excellence and change and growth across a professional career.

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