At ISE's newest venue on the rooftop of the Des Moines Social Club, audiences are welcome to arrive early for picnics and to purchase beverages at the wine bar.  

Doors will open at 7pm and Curtain is at 8.

While our 2017 venue is in a unique "urban" location in keeping with the "urban" and "edgier" nature of our special show this year, from our rooftop you will enjoy glimpses of the Des Moines Skyline and the bustling verve of Downtown Des Moines from the Des Moines Social Club Rooftop Bar.

Note that due to the nature of the venue, we will have limited space to spread out for your picnics this year.  We advise planning on having a "laptop" feast!  Also a reminder: if you pre-register for seats, (optional but strongly advised!)

you will not have to lug chairs!!! 

We'll have a FREE chair for ya!

To pre-register (free, easy and optional) simply go the the Facebook Page of the Des Moines Social Club, and click "events".



ISE pre-show activities vary with the venue and with the nature of the particular show.  Below is a sampler of the types of pre-show activities we have had in the past.  Enjoy a walk down memory lane!

Pre-Show Activities 2016:

JULY 29 and 30 2016:  Since the gates of Terrace Hill will open at 6 for picnics this year, be sure to come early to enjoy a picnic on the grounds!  The picnic hour will feature the Alex Murphey Jazz Trio - - allthe way from Chicago- plus rumor hath it that the incomparable Tina Haase Findly, long time festival friend, will be making an appearance!  

Curtain is at 7:30 and the weather will be delightfully cooler, so come out and enjoy thyself! 


Enjoy a walk down memory lane with the review below of activities from 2014!

PHOTO 2010: ISE musicians are some of THE best in the entire midwest region!  Here, in the glow of the Capital Dome, New York's Max Wellman, the Metro's Songstress Queen Tina Haase Findlay, and Las Vegas' Fred Gazzo perform a "Moonlight Medlies" mini-concert; a bit of crooning for our Midsummer Night's Dream Extravaganza show!


2014 date tba for ISE's pre-show concert tradition:  Welcome back to the Queen of Des Moines Festivals - Tina Haase Findlay!
HUZZAH!  Now with five seasons with appearances at and in the Shakesperience Festival (including two as our inaugural musical director) it is our pleasure here at ISE to find that each summer, we are on Tina Watch!  We sometimes have the pleasure of booking her outright or sometimes we all have the pleasure of having her come up to the stage as a surprise  - - but however we get here, we are always thrilled!

Because  this First Lady of Des Moines is a true legend - and all the more so when it is summer and the whole festival scene heats up!
How else to put this:  Tina is The Tina!  Featured on virtually each and every major festival stage in the Metro, including as a headliner at the Des Moines Arts Festival and as the award-winning singer of the Symphony's inaugural Star Spangled Banner Sing Contest - - where she was featured with none other than Simon Estes himself, this local legend is "da bomb" - and you only have to experience Tina once to understand why!  So Shakesperience Fest has been so fortunate to have had Tina's notably strong support.
You see, each and every year of our festival's existence during its first five years, Tina not only performed- but also wrote an original song in honor of Shakesperience Fest.  From "Shakin' the Shakespeare" to "Hell hath no Fury (written for Taming of the Shrew)", we expect that soon (its kind of a secret so shhhh, don't tell anyone yet!) there just might even be an album of these amazing original Shakespeare Festival songs- - wow!  How can we be so lucky!

Meanwhile, check back in here to see if we can announce a schedule date - - OR just wait and see if Tina makes a surprise appearance at a festival show- as she also is wont to do! 

However you catch up with her, local appearances for The Tina are sadly becoming increasingly rare , as she and Brandon are becoming more and more in demand nationally!  Heck, we knew that would happen - so catch Tina while you can (much less for FREE!)- - and if we can persuade her to do "Summertime", then summer on our river will really be sublime!

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