ISE Press Stories:

ISE has had the honor of being presented in numerous press stories and listings, special side bars and articles, far too numerous to list here. We've had the Datebook cover and we've been identified as one of the Des Moines Register's "Top 10" things to do in the state of Iowa during July, and also as one of the top 100 Things To Do in an Iowa summer.

In their 10th Anniversary issue of 2013, DSM magazine has listed our founding as among the Metro's top arts happenings of the decade, and also placed us on its separate list of 11 of the Metro's "Most Visionary Projects".

We've even had our staff featured on an international Magazine cover with PEO International!

So we've certainly had our share of great press, including having had the honor of seeing every one of our shows being listed on virtually every Weekend Best Bets or "Six Picks" type of listing in the Metro. 

For example, the tract of stories surrounding our world-class Stacy Keach event generated a particularly insightful article about ISE's work which appeared in the Des Moines Business Record (visit our Keach pages off our Main Home Page).  Likewise, each of our staff have been featured in multiple press pieces as individuals at various times in their careers.

But without including every press article here, the articles below (coming soon) will provide a decent sampling of ISE's recognition in the press. Thank you to our journalism colleagues who worked with us to make this happen!

WANT TO RELIVE OUR TERRIFIC SWORDFIGHTS?  CHECK OUT THE REGISTER'S "SWORDCAM" they hung around our actor's necks (and other terrific Register coverage of our fight choreography) at  (or go  to Videos on the Register website and hunt by title.)

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