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Driving Directors to FALL SEASON shows:

To ISE's Cabaret Macabre 2014


Proceed to Des Moines' southeast suburbs off of Route 5 and go to Carlisle.  Follow signs through the downtown area of Carlisle to Randleman House, which is about 4-5 blocks north of the historic downtown along Pennsylvania Avenue.  Travel along First Street to Penn, left at Penn and around a job to the House. This is a residential area.  Parking is along BOTH sides of the driveway (park far to the edge to leave a central passage), or in front of house (the no Parking signs IN FRONT of the House are not enforced during an event) or on the posted side of the street along the side of the House.

Additional directions to Randleman House, parking and handicapped access info for Randleman House found on the Midwetix Website under the "Show Overview" button. Scroll down.


Proceed to downtown Des Moines Court Avenue Entertainment District (west side of the River). From Court Avenue, go half-block north on 4th Street. Entrance to the theatre is through Java Joe's Coffee house. Allow time to find either metered or paid lot parking. 

Additional directions,parking and handicapped access info for the Fourth Street Theatre found on the Midwetix Website under the "Show Overview" button. Scroll down.


Proceed to Des Moines's north east suburb of Waukee.  Arts Central is located a few blocks off the main Triangle near the historic downtown.  This is a residential area. Parking is adjacent or on street.

Additional directions, parking and handicapped access info for ArtsCentral found on the Midwetix Website under the "Show Overview" button.Scroll down.


Proceed to Des Moines' western downtown area of the historic Sherman Hill neighborhood, downtown's Garden District- -a mixed use and very vibrant urban neighborhood where you will find a variety of restaurants and cafes and shops mixed in with historic (mostly Victorian) residential homes.  The Estate is located across from Hoyt Sherman Auditorium (near Methodist Hospital) at 1605 Woodland Avenue, a PRIVATE Residence.  Find parking anywhere on the street- allow time to park and walk. 

Additional directions,parking and handicapped access info for the Schuereman House found on the Midwetix Website under the "Show Overview" button. Scroll down.

To additional locations of Cabaret Macabre, as applicable in various years:

TO HISTORIC JORDAN HOUSE: From the I 235 Interstate Highway that runs through the Des Moines area and its suburbs:  Take the 63rd Street exit South about a mile, to Railroad (Stop Light) – following signs to Valley Junction.  Still following Valley Junction signs, Turn R (West) on Railroad.  Proceed west along Railroad about a mile- PAST the Valley Junction area (which is delineated by 3 large Marker Signs that will be on your left).  Continue PAST Valley Junction to Fuller Road (Stop Light) where you will turn left (South.)

Proceed south on Fuller Road – you'll travel about another mile or so from the junction of Railroad and Fuller.  You will pass small industrial buildings and offices on your left and apartments on your right. After you cross a small creek, you will start to round a curve - - -and the picket fences and main House and grounds of Jordan House will start to become visible on your right.  The House is usually well lit at night – but during this show the lighting may be dimmer.  The main parking area will come up just after you round the House and grounds- it is on your right “behind” the House, next door to the Church camp (directly east of it).  If you hit busy Grand Avenue, you will have gone too far. 

Driving Directors to WINTER SEASON shows:

TO TERRACE HILL,  THE IOWA GOVERNOR'S MANSION: (ISE's Christmas Shows 2014 and beyond)

Proceed to the western edge of Downtown Des Moines along the main Grand Avenue artery and exit the downtown area going west.  Traveling along Grand towards 24th street you will start to see the Terrace Hill structure on your left (south) of Grand -- set back and up on a high hill with many surrounding trees, on a brick residential street.  Park anywhere on the street or in the small lot at the base of the hill and walk to CARRIAGE HOUSE (NOT TO MAIN DOORS) on the WEST side of the Mansion grounds.  Allow time to park and walk.  There are several Terrace Hill exit options along interstate I-235. 

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