ISE Press Stories

ISE enjoys our share of press and is proud to have had some extraordinary press stories to date. 

For example, since our founding, we have been named one of the Top 100 Things to do in an Iowa Summer; one of the Top 50 Things to do in the State, on of the Top Holiday events - - and in addition, virtually every ISE show has been listed on the area's Top Ten, Six Picks, Best Bets and have enjoyed being on Datebook covers and similar lists for all of the area's news press.

We also have enjoyed full sponsorship from Cityview sine our founding, and in 2013 were proud to pick up sponsorship from Iowa Public Radio. Des Moines Radio group is also a frequent sponsor, too, and we additionally thank all of the area's Television stations for their hospitality to us each year on a variety of featured interviews.

Magazines have been kind to us, too - including features in The Iowan, DSM magazine, and being part of a regional story in Midwest Today.

One particularly special press item that we have enjoyed was a front page full multi-page spread Iowa Life story on the life body of work of our Artistic Director, Lorenzo Sandoval; this was a superb compliment to his work, and was featured in Des Moines Register copies all across Iowa.

Also, our 2013 Fifth Anniversary of our free festival alone garnered a remarkable number of press features, such as our full page story in Cityview's largest issue of the year; the Summer Arts issue.  Thank you Cityview!

Accordingly, to better collate these pieces, our Press Story content will soon be moved from the Menu of our Home page to these new pages.  In the meantime, we thank you for your patience, as ISE's is an all-volunteer maintained website that is rapidly growing in increasingly robust capacities. 

But temporarily, for a gander at our current stable of press stories, check out those Site Menu links accessible off our our main Home Page- and enjoy!  Our Business Record story about our Stacy Keach event and its accompanying feature on our contributions to the community are especially fun to read!

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