In addition to our traveling summer stages, which carry us to all sorts of wonderful parks throughout the region, we also travel many of our most popular indoor shows!  Whether you have a regular theatre space, a sanctuary space, a school, a private home or a special historical venue you wish to see come alive with the wonder of theatre, know that we are EXPERTS in using “found space theater” and in taking Shakespeare and other classic authors “out on the town”!  

For an overview of how we approach and stage our traveling shows, visit our "About the Festival" section and scroll through our entire Summer Traveling Show page, which provides info on our 2011 and 2010 traveling show programming.

So - Contact us and let’s talk. We’d be happy to work with you to bring a special show to your community – as a fundraising event, as unique cultural programming, or in combination with our outcomes-oriented educational programming.


We can provide almost any type of show you are interested in, and also can work with your local theatre artists and theatre community on a variety of elements related to the production – or we can license our copyrighted works for use by your local actors.


Some of our more requested shows that are especially suitable for this type of project are:


  • Ebeneezer and the Spirits of Giving
  • Mark TWAINment Tonite with musical revue
  • Romeo and Juliet: Thrice Told Tales™ 
  • The Regina Monologues™ 
  • Shakespeare As You Like it
  • Shakespeare Shorts
  • ShakeSpirits™
  • A Midsummer Day Dream ™ 
  • Much Ado-Wop About Something ™ (Excerpts)