ISE teaching programs are staffed by fully credentialed education leaders with decades of proven experience.


ISE Teachers are:

-Fully liscensed by the state of Iowa, collectively posessing 4 decades of active, in classroom teaching experience, and nearly 15 years of educational supervisory experience.

-Nationally certified in numerous fields, including in working with at-risk and diverse populations

-Fully bi-lingual in Spanish and fully certificated in a wide variety of areas concerning credentials to work with diverse populations

-"Trainer of Trainer" subject matter teaching experts recognized in 7 states across the country, and in all regions of the country - including by the US Department of Education, the US Department of Juvenile Justice, and the US Department of Defense, and several US Tribal Governments.

-Fully certified (University level) as Research experts in human subject outcomes, "Logic Model" programming analysis, and program implementation

-Holders of notable awards, from local "Teacher of the Year" awards to national and federal level Awards, such as one of merely TWO Iowa "Exemplary in the Nation" Awards.

-Published in their fields, recognized by federal-level teaching and research Boards, with several curricula dessminated on the national level

ISE is fortunate- just plain lucky- that our staff came to us with such rich teaching backgrounds and notable expertise- a level of expertise we know is all too often rare among arts agencies. 

But this makes our community lucky, too.

Because- - Research is very clear:  the impact of any youth program is at least as much due to the caliber of staff which implements it as to any other single factor.  In particular, frightening data clearly shows that poorly trained or improperly trained teaching staff can actually cause more harm than good - - it is a phenomenon known as "unintended outcomes".  And an unintended outcome can be created by well-meaning but poorly trained adult in the blink of an eye- albeit with lasting consequences for youth. 

This is true of any youth population, but all the more true when the intent of an educational program is to try to positively intervene with at-risk or higher-risk youth.

And the story of the early "war on drunk driving" is a great case in point.  For a good number of years, well meaning but under educated adults took to the schools to try to help students make better choices around all aspects of use of alcohol -- and students were routinely shown pictures of 100 proof alcoholic beverages with an earnest explanation of the dangers of higher proof liquor- that it would get you even drunker than other types of alcohol.

For a very few youth, this sincere and earnest education about the dangers of higher proof alcohol may have had the desired outcome, where the information and teaching steered the youth away from the risk.  But oh, for higher risk youth - that student who may have been thrill seeking or already making active decisions to use, that information and educational approach was lethal.  Far from steering these vulnerable young people away from choosing this very dangerous subject, these students "took notes" about the news of alcohol that could get them even drunker even faster than ever before- and in these populations, use of higher proof liquors skyrocked.

This simple story is but one of many which quickly shows the danger of allowing under-trained adults to work with youth in various capacities- and when the youth are society's neediest and most fragile, the risks of various types of "unintended outcomes" grows even greater.

Suffice it to say:  our youth deserve professionally trained teachers with broad skills and certifications across all the interpersonal elements of working with youth (not just skills in an art form) - and the good news is: thanks to its professional staffing, ISE delivers just what the community most wants and needs:  highly trained, extremely seasoned professional staff, fully certified to work with youth across multiple cultures and multiple populations - and bilingually in Spanish, no less!

The reader can view ISE staff qualifications by going to our Main Home page and scrolling to ISE staff resumes.  There you will find posted complete CVs that detail out the national publications and journals where the work of our staff appears, for our staff maintain national "Trainer of Trainer" status in all key areas of youth development work and teaching -- and have provided extensive consultation in this areas to the US. Department of Education, the US Department of Human Services, the US Department of Juvenile Justice, and the US Department of Defense. 

In sum, ISE staff are bona fide experts in the area of working with youth.  ISE is justifiably proud of our competancies in this area, and in hiring or commisioning an ISE program, the public can rest assured that all best practice elements will be implemented and that the type of skilled subtelty of knowledge which youth need and deserve will shine in an ISE youth educational project.

Read more about ISE qualifications and ISE program outcomes on our Programs page. 

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