How To Enroll in an ISE Youth Program

Many of ISE's youth programs do not require pre-enrollment.  Thus for ISE programs at the Library, on site at the Festival, or in association with a traveling show, youth and families may simply walk in and attend!

Other programs such as Spring Break and Summer Camps, or programs conducted on site at a school or youth service agencies, do require enrollment. To  minimize administrative costs for youth programming, ISE conducts the majority of these types of youth programs in close collaboration with a colleague non-profit, who handles the enrollment.

Thus, for these latter types of programs, please check directly with the applicable school, youth agency or non profit.  In particular, for enrollment into a Spring Break or Summer SmART Camp, please contact Gateway Dance Theatre:

Finally, ISE's Youth Immersion Program for Gifted and Talented youth requires a full audition.  Auditons are accepted in September of each year at minimum, on a space available basis, but we do hold youth program auditions at other times of the year too. 

  • If interested, please email ISE Artistic Director Lorenzo Sandoval at  It is especially effective to contact us in early September. 
  • Include a brief description of your child and why you want him/r to become a part of our Youth Immersion program, plus a brief Resume or Break Out of any prior experience or classes the child has had in theatre, if applicable.
  • Be sure to include any schedule or physical restrictions your child may have.  Bear in mind that ISE's Youth Immersion programs are intensive, and feature "real world" artistic opportunities for youth to perform in shows right alongside seasoned adult professions.  Especially during performances and the final few weeks leading up to, youth will be required to be involved in late night activies (including on school nights up til approximately 10:30 pm).  You will need to provide travel/transportation arrangements. Also note: Youth are expected to "carry their weight" in these shows, including performing even under conditions which may not be optimal.  While we of course make allowances for genuine severe illnesses, this is a pre-professional immersion program and as such, youth are expected to remain involved even during minor instances of not feeling 100 percent up to par.
  • Although our requirements for youth who are accepted into our program are strict, bear in mind that the rewards are commensurate.  We have had countless instances where parents note marked positive changes in their child, and even instances where Montessori teachers have written us personally to express their delight at the positive changes whch have occured for children who participate in our Youth Immersion Program!
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